Herring Shoes

The Herring Shoes Slipper Collection.

2 October 2012

British brand Herring Shoes has excelled in producing premium handcrafted footwear once again with a collaboration with the Fox Bros Mill to create a tweed truly unique to Herring Shoes.

The latest style to be introduced to the collection is the Herring Balmoral, which is a house shoe. The Herring Balmoral carries the Herring crest, which is hand embroidered using a gold bullion wire. The lining is Burgundy quilted with a full leather sole and heel.

The Herring Balmoral joins the existing Herring Monarch in creating a slipper collection that is of exceptional quality, matching the premium standards that Herring Shoes are renowned for.

The Herring Monarch is a classic velvet slipper hand made in England. Featuring a luxurious quilted lining and hand embroidered ‘Herring Crest,’ this style of slipper is often referred to as the Albert after being favoured by Queen Victoria’s consort. These slippers became acceptable footwear for wearing with dinner jackets at home or at ones club, and remain so today. They are also credited with being a forebear of the loafer, or at least helping towards its social acceptance. Fit for a King or the man with an appreciation for the finer things in life.

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