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The Monk Shoe

24 October 2014

The Monk Shoe



The monk shoe or monk strap has been around for a long time. It has a history dating back to the footwear worn by monks, usually a sandal but fastened with a buckle. This design allows for the top of the shoe to have a simple buckle closing which some people prefer to having laces flapping around. The closed, smooth nature of the design give it a formal look, but with the fun statement of the buckle.

The main points of the Monk are the different types of buckle and the number of buckles. The single Monk with only one buckle is the most traditional and formal option. The double monk with two buckles is maybe a little more fashionable at the moment. The Monk is also a shoe that looks really good in suede because of its mix between formal and casual. View all our monk shoes.

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