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Gui’s gift guide

2 December 2015

In the latest of our series of guest blog articles by fashion guru Guillaume Bo, he has compiled a short guide to help you chose the right shoes for your loved ones.

You have a great idea that you want to buy a new pair of shoes (for maybe your lover, husband, son, grand father). Then you realise it’s not that easy.

“Should I try something new?”

“Should I think about something for his job?”

“What about those beautiful red or green boots” and so on.

Finally, you give up and you buy a tie (again) a shirt (one more time) or even a cigar.

Let me give you some tips for these guys that might help.

So, a young man will love to wear nice loafers, chelsea boots or double monks with his blazer/shirt/sweater. Instead of his usual sneakers.

IMG_3870 copy
Herring Shelley
Herring Charley
Herring Charley

If you are really looking forward your husband/lover/friend wearing something different than his old battered shoes, just try to upgrade but not too much. Think about a nice derby with rubber soles. But not too “vintage” though. Think about casual boots, maybe with natural sole edges. Think about nice leather trainers or sneakers, maybe even brogued trainers.

Herring Canning
Herring Canning

Do you know someone that’s looking for a job? Black Oxfords, boots or loafers. They will be great for his interviews.

Is your man someone who travels a lot? or someone who lives in his car? Something light, easy to take off so the loafer is again great choice.

Herring Matisse

For your grandfather, choose some new velvet slippers, that will make him feel at ease and elegant at home.

Herring Monarch

Basically, it is not so difficult to choose a great and suitable pair of shoes as a gift, the secret is to try not to think about yourself, think about the person you are buying for.


The great thing about shoes is they all have different strengths, so once you know what you are looking for, the suitable styles will jump out at you. Think different if you want to be sure your present will be worn as men are often too conservative but can always wear a bit more colour than we expect. And think classical style – they may have the shoes for years so make sure it is something that will last. Shoes do make a great gift if you follow these simple steps, after all we all need a nice pair of shoes.

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