Herring Shoes

Herring at Pitti

25 July 2016


Herring at Pitti and the power of classic and elegant accessories.

A Gentleman should always think about having at least one nice bag. This is not only a “woman’s affair”.

Something useful, practical, functional but also aesthetically pleasing. A simple and understated briefcase for example.
Forget about these backpacks/rucksacks we see too often in town with all these guys looking like turtles or snails. You need to think about bags the way women do.

Gui Bo and Jared Acquaro

They try to match them with their shoes, with their coats… Basically it’s an important and integral part of their whole outfit.
It’s even easier for us men. I would never dare to wear a flashy red or pink weekend bag for example, I would stay classic. Try to follow the basic rules I have already talked about when you wear your shoes for accessories. No black belt with brown shoes, so no black bag with brown shoes etc.

Herring Aldgate bag

When I’m at Pitti, I have to run everywhere and I have a lot of meetings. So my bags are vital. I cannot even imagine how to carry everything I put inside my briefcase if I had no bag. I need my briefcase!

Herring Aldgate

My iPad, my papers, a bottle of water and my Coke and so many other things I need.
Moreover everything is protected and everything is in its proper place.

Simple, elegant, ergonomic.
What more could you want?

( Photographers : Marie paola_bh, Streetstylevgenio,  Des gens en photo.
Photos featured in : Esquirre, Vogue, Dandy magazine, W Magazine)


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