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Spring into style

5 May 2016
Winter is over!
With the sudden arrival of spring,  the temperature is rising – sometimes. It should rain less -sometimes. So, this is a very complicated season for which to dress appropriately. Because it’s spring, your wardrobe is pulling itself in all directions: a blazer for your cold shoulders, Bermuda shorts for your Vitamin D deficient legs, scarves for the chilly morning and evenings or light fabrics because we all need and want to say to ourselves: “It’s Summer soon!” So what you need are good shoes to help you to feel good; to be your best.
Herring Barcelona in Navy suede
 Gentlemen, think about loafers for example. Tassel loafers, penny loafers, Belgian loafers…
they are multipurpose and one of man’s best friends. With or without socks if it’s not too cold, with chinos or a blazer, in brown or black if you feel like wearing them like Italians do with their blue suits. You can wear them almost any time, except on a very formal dressy occasion. You will feel light and that is what Spring is all about.
Herring James in Espresso calf
Think about buckled monk shoes too.
If it’s too hot and and your workday is too long so your feet swell, you can unfasten the buckle to let your feet relax. Just remember that single monk strap shoes are more dressy than double monks.
Herring Jasper in Chestnut calf and sandal suede
And now, please, go outside. It’s Spring!

Sartorially yours,

Guillaume Bo ( MenNeedMoreStyle )

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