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Back to work and looking sharp

2 September 2019

With August behind us, the start of September always has a new term feel about it…even if you are not at school anymore! Many of our European customers will have taken the whole of August off, so it really is a return to work after a long break for them. 

The holidays are an opportunity to think about our careers away from the workplace, to reflect on what has been achieved so far, to plan long and short-term goals, to evaluate how others perceive you, etc. You may even decide to smarten up your work attire or, indeed, relax it. You might just fancy a new pair of shoes.

We think September is a great time to consider your office apparel and, as usual, we have a little advice.

Herring Carnaby brogue

To refresh your smart shoes or to step it up a gear, you cannot go wrong with black Oxfords. This is the quintessential work shoe. This most elegant of men’s shoes with a closed lace system and no space between two quarters that host the eyelets, Oxfords are suitable for both the boardroom and formal occasions. In other words, they look great with a suit.

Our Churchill IIs are a best-seller. This is a quality handmade shoe that shouts British-ness! The Churchill II has a squarer toe while Charles II is a little more rounded. From our Classic range, the Lambeth semi Oxford style is less of an outlay, comes in two widths and can also come with a rubber sole for extra comfort. Other rubber soled options include the Fazeley while the Edgeware sole is half rubber and half leather.

We cannot forget our Knightsbridge either, which had an upgrade very recently and is our longest selling shoe to date.

Herring Knightsbridge oxford

Many of these shoes are welted and can be repaired, so the investment in one of these Oxford styles will pay you dividend in quality and comfort over a 10-year period.

Where workplaces embrace a more casual look, we have some options for you too. Exuding the same quality as Oxfords, but not as formal, is the brogue. Our Premier range includes the Balfour, a semi-brogue with an extremely elegant long-wing with a swan-neck stitch and Edward II in mahogany  for a change from black. The Reading II is a cost-conscious suede option while the Carnaby is brilliantly versatile for those after-office drinks.

Herring Carnaby and Knightsbridge

For an even more relaxed style, a suede loafer like the Exeter is still super smart while we think the Goodwood leather trainer is the ultimate dress-down Friday footwear.

The styles we have suggested are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of choice. Whatever your preference or style, we can help you look sharp for the rest of 2019 and way beyond.  

Herring Goodwood leather trainers