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Is navy the new black?

8 October 2019
Herring Dickens

Of course not! There are very few occasions where you would wear navy shoes instead of black shoes. Where navy often comes into its own is when you may have reached for your tan pair or brown old faithfuls.

Navy as a shoe colour is seemingly gathering popularity because they are the perfect accompaniment to a range of trouser or suit colours. Let’s walk you through them.

No surprise there! But make sure there is a distinct difference between the blue of your trousers and the navy of your shoes. We are looking for a complementary colour here not a matching one. This means jeans can also work well with navy. For a casual look, we recommend our Boxer II baseball boots, Strike II sneakers or the Targa trainers.

Herring Boxer II

We are heading out of summer up here in the northern hemisphere but for our southern hemisphere customers, you are just getting warmed up. Give yourself a Continental style with white chinos or jeans teamed with some loafers to achieve an instant Riveria or Amalfi coast vibe. Our Prost and Leece loafers come with mandatory tassels too! For a more casual outing, we have navy suede espadrilles too.

Navy shoes with charcoal grey give you a decent alternative to black. You may need a few touches of blue elsewhere in your outfit to bring it all together. The Herring crew is fond of the Lewis, which is a contemporary interpretation of the brogue. Its square toed and sharp lines give it a very distinctive shape while the blue laces and blue midsole add drama to any grey day.

Brown, tan and beige
Navy and any shade of brown are a perfect combination. They are both neutral, so they can be worn in easy harmony. Just as brown shoes work with a navy suit or a pair of trousers, it works just as well the other way around.  Herring has combined blue and brown in several of our smarter shoes and boots. May I draw your attention to the two-tone Faversham double monks, Farnham brogues, Farnborough shoes and the Farringdon boots.

Herring Hathaway II

Olive can be a little drab, so give it a makeover with a splash of navy. Team chinos with some chukka boots for a casual look.

Embrace the new England style and wear red and navy side by side!

Still not sold on navy? It’s not for everyone, so I have an alternative for you…burgundy. It works in much the same way but is a lot closer to the safety of brown. Many of the shoes mentioned above come in burgundy too and what they do look good with…is navy! Burgundy shoes paired with a navy suit, trousers or darker jeans are a decent nod to the autumn/winter season.  

If you want to compare the two, simply apply the ‘Blue’ and ‘Burgundy’ colour filters in the left-hand colour of our website and browse both colours at your leisure.