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The Herring guide to wedding shoes for men

22 May 2019

If you search the internet for ‘wedding shoe guide for men’, Pinterest offers a collection that includes some rather fetching white patent styles…. If that’s your thing, then go for it, but you will not find any white patent Oxfords among the range of styles offered by Herring Shoes. We can, however, offer some alternatives to the classic black lace-up.

Not that there is anything wrong with a classic black Oxford. It is a super-smart shoe that will never offend, will go with most styles and colour of morning suits, and will complement the sleek looked created by dark trousers. However, many grooms, ushers and male guests now opt for a less formal suit, which means your choice of shoe is entirely down to what you like and, crucially, what you feel comfortable in.

Herring Lewis

Weddings generally require a lot of standing around and usually some dancing. Pinched toes or rubbing heels are a distraction we can all do without, so make sure you consider your comfort when choosing your wedding-ready shoes. Remember, if your feet are slightly wider, Herring offers two widths to ensure you get the fit that’s right for you. 

Enough about comfort. Let’s get down to style.

Herring Churchill II

We have already decided Oxfords are a safe choice. Our Churchill IIs are one of our best sellers, but there is even room for an alternative look with an Oxford. Herring can get you dancing with a mix of patent leather and suede in the aptly titled Jive Oxfords, or the Aston Oxfords and Waltz II formal shoes are both all patent. We have Oxfords in brown suede, in navy leather or with a brogue rosette on the toe, so you can truly personalise how you want to look on your big day.

But if you’re not into Oxfords, the brogue offers a traditional alternative. Again, it is an iconic shoe style that works well for a countryside wedding or beneath a kilt! Our Henry II brogues remain among our bestsellers as they truly encapsulate that classic style while our brandy-coloured Lewis brogues have a city edge with their square toe and the Thatcher brogue Chelsea boots suit a man that likes to be, well, suited and booted!

Many men opt for a boot as their preferred footwear for all occasions and Chelsea boots are always popular. However, these Orwell boots could provide an attractive alternative with their double monk-style buckles. If they are good enough for James Bond, surely, they are good enough for a wedding! Or if you are wearing a navy suit, the Stirrup in navy and tan leather could be just the job.

Herring Orwell

Not all weddings are formal with more people heading to reliably sunnier climes where jackets, let alone ties, are not required and tailored shorts or chinos meet the dress code. This is where a loafer will fit the bill nicely. Smart, yet relaxed, with plenty of personality, our recent spring guide will give you the full low-down on loafers. However, we do not think you can go wrong with our Ibstock loafers for suede or the Riviera for a leather weave.

If you are the groom, it is probably best to get your wife or partner to-be to give their pre-approval, while ushers should probably consort with the groom too to avoid shoe clash or, worse, the ushers upstaging the groom!

In homage to slow fashion, we would also advise you to consider what you will use your shoes for after the big day. A Herring shoe is an investment that will last you for many years to come, so unless you wish to be the office’s answer to Fred Astaire in your patent black Oxfords, you may wish to choose a style that may be more suited to everyday life.

Herring Jive

Lastly, and to summarise, here are our top 10 wedding shoes for men:

  1. Churchill IIs Oxfords
  2. Jive Oxfords
  3. Aston Oxfords
  4. Henry II brogues
  5. Lewis brogues
  6. Thatcher brogue Chelsea boots
  7. Orwell boots
  8. Stirrup boots
  9. Ibstock loafers
  10. Riveria loafers