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Wrap up warm with accessories this winter

4 December 2019

With the clocks going back in the UK, the darker nights are with us, the temperature has dropped, the wind has picked up and the rain is falling. In short, winter has arrived in the northern hemisphere.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! While winter signals the end of wearing shorts, sockless espadrilles or deck shoes, and polo shirts, the advent of the colder months give you an excuse to roll out the accessories.

Herring Donegal

Let’s start at the top. Can I suggest a cap as your headwear seasonal starter? At Herring, we can offer you a couple of tweed numbers: the Brooklyn baseball cap (in green and blue) and the Herring Dale flat cap (in green and charcoal). The cap is adjustable to fit all head sizes while our flat cap, hand made for us by the traditional craftsmen at Olney headwear in Luton, comes in a range of sizes to accommodate a small, medium, large or extra-large head.

Donegal socks, Botticelli jacket, Dale cap, Rupert scarf

To the neck now. Scarves not only add colour (if you choose) to any outfit but are pretty decent at keeping their wearer a little warmer. Whether you are walking, watching a rugby game, getting to and from work, a scarf can be equally smart and casual. 

Our solid scarf does what it says on the tin: a lambswool scarf in a range of solid colours from the classic grey, black and rainforest to the more daring scarlet and cyan.

Solid scarf

For a more 1960s or wild-on-the-moor or cold-night-in-the-desert look, we have our wool Ombre Glen Check Scarf. I like this. This scarf is slightly more edgy yet retaining a gentlemanly status. 

But we still have tweed for those who need it! In fact, our Herring Rupert is double-sided so you can worship the tweed on one side or go for the solid colour on the other. Choices, choices!

We cannot wax lyrical about scarves though without dipping into the cashmere. We stock them in red, dark camel and scarlet to suit your taste.

For a toasty body, we have been selling our Botticelli Jacket as a pre-winter smart-casual warmer. Created by Filippo Matera in his workshop, this jacket draws inspiration from the industrial past of Northern Italy. All the materials are sourced and processed locally enabling them to have a touch of softness that you cannot get from mass produced clothing. This jacket has 10% off now too, so you could get yourself a deal. 

Botticelli jacket, Brooklyn cap, Monty chukka

Lastly, the feet. No, not shoes. We are talking socks. After months of bare feet in slip-on shoes, it’s time to give you feet a treat with either our thick cotton Cuthbert Sock or the Donegal Wool Sock. The latter is made for walking by a third-generation Irish family firm. Available in a range of colours (and in women’s sizes too), they have a wonderful warmth and softness of wool with a bit of polymer to help it grip your foot. They are chunky and comforting on your feet and are even endorsed by Everest mountaineer Mark Quinn, so they should be more than adequate for a winter walk to the pub!

You see winter isn’t so bad after all. In fact, I quite like the colder months for the scarves alone! If you see anything you like or need advice at all, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team. 

Solid cashmere scarf