Herring Shoes

Autumn means accessories

12 October 2020

I dread the end of summer, but the foreboding is tempered by my love of autumn. The smell of the air, the turning colours of the trees, the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, the cold sunny mornings (when it’s not raining) and digging out beanies to keep my ears warm. It’s definitely the season for accessories to keep the chill and the wet weather out…and to lift your spirits if you shudder at the thought of the clocks being turned back.

As you would expect, Herring has some rather splendid accessories on offer. There is something in there for the ladies too. Consider these to help you face the colder weather with a smile.

Malin Seaweed beanie and Herringbone graduation scarf

My family has a whole host of these in our hat box! We switch and swap them depending on our outfit choice. They are critical for a blustery walk, watching a rugby training session, a bike ride…or just a bad hair day. The Herring Malin beanies are handmade from genuine Donegal yarn. They are super-warm and Herring has them in seven colours, but all have flecks of other colours in them too. Personally, I love the teal

Seaweed, Teal and Burgundy Beanies

As you would expect, Herring only do these in tweed! We have both baseball cap style and English flat caps. You can turn these around if you want to and wear them backwards if think you are hip enough…or just use them to keep the sun out of your eyes and to keep your head warm! Crazy notion, I know!

Scarves are unisex, so you really can buy a scarf for your other half here as proven by lovely Angel in the photo below. She looks gorgeous in our dark camel cashmere scarf.  This style comes in red and black as well and is as soft and lightweight as you would expect from cashmere.

Angel sporting the stunning Cashmere scarf

In addition, we have a whole host of wool scarves with our best-selling Rupert scarves leading the way. These are double-sided with tweed on one side and lambswool on the other in complementary colours. The charcoal grey and navy version gets my vote.

Tartan and check scarves can satisfyingly lift an outfit. I love the pink and purple detail in the Prince of Wales check scarf. Again, it is lovely, soft touch fabric that is lightweight and warm. Meanwhile, the herringbone graduation scarf is also double-sided and has a debonair feel to it – college-y (made up word) yet edgy.

Rupert scarf in charcoal tweed

Darn it, but it does rain in autumn turning all that lovely autumn crunchiness into slimy slop! Herring has two classic black brollies to offer you to get you singing in the rain. The Seathwaite has a leather handle and closes down to just 35cm to fit into a bag or briefcase. The Thirlmere has a solid wood handle to mark it out as a quality item. Both canopies are purposely unbranded with just the Herring moniker on the retaining tie.

Thirlmere umbrella

You see, with all these accessories, autumn does not feel so bad after all. Embrace the season with the practicalities of a warm and dry head and neck all sorted while displaying a serious sense of style.