Herring Shoes

Backing British brands during lockdown

7 April 2020

When the Prime Minister initiated lockdown at the end of March, millions of workers packed up their laptops and headed home while others accepted furlough leave as they simply could not carry out their jobs anymore.

Among the latter were the shoe factory workers in Northamptonshire. Tricker’s, for example, which continued making shoes through both the World Wars, has had to close for the first time in its 191-year history to respect social distancing regulations and to protect the health of its staff and others. While these traditional factories are unable to manufacture shoes at the moment, we still have plenty of stock to ensure their cashflow does not entirely dry up.

Back British shoe manufacturers

We have long championed British-made shoes and the quality and craftsmanship that goes into them. We use some of these Northamptonshire factories ourselves to make our own Herring shoes and boots while stocking and selling their brands too. Think Loake, Church’s, Cheaney, Barker and so on.

This is why we felt compelled to send out a rallying cry during lockdown to support these traditional British businesses and their workers. Buying British feels more important than ever right now.

We stock all these British brands and more in our warehouse in Kingsbridge, which is being carefully attended to by our lonesome but safe warehouse manager Tony!

Warehouse manager Tony

Meanwhile, our customer services staff are working from home but remain available to answer your queries. These guys know their shoes and understand the nuances of all these British brands.

Shopping may seem a frivolous pastime these days but if it helps ease your conscience, you really will be supporting some very treasured British businesses during these tough times.