Herring Shoes

Cadaresa and Crema

15 October 2020

One of the most exciting styles to have been introduced by Herring this year is the Henley. It is a contemporary spectator brogue in dark leaf calf with a contrasting canvas. It is exquisitely made and the dark leaf calf and canvas combination is perfectly balanced. The colours create a beautiful contrasting harmony and the texture of the canvas gives the shoe an edgy panache.

I wrote about the Henley spectator at the beginning of this year (find the blog here) and the reason I’m bringing it up again is to reiterate and encourage the practice of reviewing the New Styles section of the Herring website on a regular basis.

If you are like me, and the fact that you a reading this blog, suggests that it is likely that you are; you have quite a comprehensive shoe collection or at least in the process of building one. I continue to add new styles but now only consider styles that will create a definitive difference and enhance my collection. The Henley certainly fits into this category. And, Herring have done it again by offering two more unique designs that will add significant depth to your wardrobe.

Cadaresa in Burgundy

If you explore the New Styles section of the Herring website, you will see that Herring has partnered with the Italian brand Stemar to offer a spectator single monk called Cadaresa and a spectator Chelsea boot called Crema. Stemar was founded in 1969 by the Moreschi family in Vigevano, Italy. Stemar shoes have a classic European design and style. They are hand-made and are best known for their comfort and flexibility.

The Cadaresa and Crema share the same last and design cues. What sets them apart is that they are the most exquisite and flamboyant spectators. I love spectators because the combination of contrasting (and in the case of the Cadaresa and Crema, complimenting) colours and textures create so much personality and interest.

Both the Cadaresa and Crema come in two sublime variants. The first is a sensual navy calf complimented by an irresistible French navy suede and the second variant is a deep and rich tantalising burgundy calf and a most luscious burgundy suede.

Cadaresa in Navy

The Cadaresa and Crema are Blake stitched and consequently have a beautiful slim aesthetic with a contemporary chisel toe. Both designs have a calf cap toe with beautiful detail and broguing. This is exquisitely contrasted with a divine complementing suede on the vamp with the back also in calf. 

My immediate choice, as you can see by the photographs, was the Cadaresa in burgundy. I am always drawn to burgundy and so I could not resist and the decision was a simple one for me as it also compliments my wardrobe. The navy and Crema are just as exquisite and it is terrific to have a choice.

The monk strap of the Cadaresa is in calf and makes a bold and proud statement with the large single chrome buckle. 

Both styles are statement shoes. The design and colours and different textures create a significant impact and that is what I find most appealing about the design. Both the Cadaresa and Crema are for the discerning aficionado who is looking to add that special flair and dash to their style.

Crema in Burgundy

What makes the Cadaresa and Crema even more captivating and desirable is that they will only be produced in small numbers and limited to one production offering. Once they are sold they are gone. There are only 12 pairs being made in each colour of the Cadaresa and Crema. So be quick to secure yours because you will have a shoe, that in my opinion, is one of the most exciting designs on the market today and most likely, you will be the only one in your city that has a pair. For me, that is very appealing.

With summer approaching in Melbourne, the Cadaresa is a great choice with so many different outfit choices. Its fine and gracefully slender style coupled with the single monk aesthetic makes it a perfect and suitable addition to a linen 3 piece suit in the summer or a more relaxed chino or jeans inspired ensemble. The Cadaresa spectator is such a versatile style and the monk design creates that extra flamboyant touch that is sure to have heads turning. 

Nonetheless, the navy and burgundy colour palette of the Cadaresa and Crema is also ideal for the cooler autumn and winter weather. The suede is rich and dark in colour and its luscious texture would make for a perfect pairing with either a flannel or plaid suiting ensemble. Believe me, you would look smashing in a contemporary cut flannel suit with either the Cadaresa or Crema. 

Of course, to complete the look you will most definitely need to pair the Cadaresa and the Crema with the finishing touch of a fedora or panama hat. A suitable hat is always a must.

So, which style tempts you, the Cadaresa or Crema? Be quick to make the decision so you don’t miss out on what is literally a one time opportunity of a lifetime. 

Be daring … be dashing.