Herring Shoes

Keep your feet dry with waxed leather

14 February 2020

Leather is a superb naturally, breathable material for keeping your feet comfortable, but is it durable enough to withstand wet weather?

With most leathers, you have to add treatments like our amazing nano-spray to stop water getting in. You can also waterproof standard leathers using dubbin, but note this can sometimes change the colour and finish of your shoes, so you do so at your own discretion.

But there is a traditional alternative.

We make some of our shoes using leathers where oils and waxes are rubbed into the hides by hand to create a water-repellent barrier. Some have leather soles for less rugged, day-to-day wear. See our Northamptonshire-made Orkney chukka boots or the Coburn or Coltham II Chelsea boots.

Herring Felcourt rubber-soled double monk shoes

However, if you want tough durability rubber soles are the way to go. There are Chelsea boots, monk and Derby shoes available, but I am keen on the more military styles.

Stand by for the Cairngorm. This is a stout boot with eight eyelets and a buckle for maximum security on the foot. This leather is waxy, of course, but has a suede texture that will mark and age wonderfully.

Cairngorm rubber-soled boots

I am also keen on the Badminton. It’s the ultimate gentleman’s boot and again it will look better as it ages. It is a design and craft classic that will serve you well. The country last shape gives a roomy fit in the rounded toe box which combined with a gibson front allows the option for a thicker sock to be worn.

Lastly, and a little more edgy, is the Sharnbrook. This is a classic six-eyelet boot made with supple leather on the light and flexible Solovair air-cushioned sole making them incredibly comfortable for all day wear.

Sharnbrook rubber-soled boots

If you are not a fan of the Wellington boot, any of the three boots above will work as a comfortable alternative in wet conditions.

So please remember not all leathers are not the same when you choose your footwear for wet weather. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team if you need further advice.