Herring Shoes

Looking effortlessly stylish with the Herring Attlee

26 June 2020

Good day gentlemen! My name is Kazi Atiquzzaman, a menswear enthusiasts living is Melbourne, Australia. Even though I work in IT for a living, men’s style has always been a part of me. I admire 1920-1970s sartorial style including vintage and workwear. 

The monk shoes design is inspired from Middle Ages monk-strap sandals with no lacing and instead substituted with one or more buckles and straps. It was first introduced in the 15th century in different parts of Europe and since then this style has evolved to be one of the great classic masterpieces in the genre of shoes. The modern version of Monk Shoes is introduced in today’s world as something you can wear with both formal and informal attire. Most often the monk strap shoe is classified between an oxford and a derby style. 

Today, I will be reviewing a pair of timeless Herring Attlee shoes which are handmade in Northampton, England. Herring Attlee is a stylish double monk-strap shoe which can be considered by many fashion experts to be one of the most versatile and elegant dress shoes that a man can add to his wardrobe. The sophisticated yet restrained design gives these shoes a truly unique look compared to any other dress shoe. As Attlee can be considered slightly more casual than oxford, therefore it can really go well with suit separates or sport jackets.

The Attlee model features a solid black finish with striking silver buckles, and a cap toe that draws viewers into the rest of the shoes. They are made of 100% pure calf leather with Goodyear welted sole and are perfectly designed for everyday life. The dual monk strap is very comfortable and blends seamlessly, providing a classical look that can only be achieved with quality shoemakers like Herring. The tasteful stitching around the buckle further improves the design and create a very aesthetically pleasing piece of footwear that is an absolute joy to wear. The silver buckle is also equally functional and stylish and pulls the shoe together pleasantly. 

I just received these beautiful shoes a couple of days back and thanks to the Herring team for delivering them so quickly. It is currently winter in Melbourne and slowly shops and marketplaces are re-opening after many weeks of COVID-19 restrictions. So, I decided to take my new Attlee for a spin. I always like to incorporate sprezzatura into my style and the Attlee can only complement the overall look I was trying to achieve. 

Herring have a fantastic range of shoe styles to suit all budgets, but if you are searching for double-buckled shoes in particular see this link to view their offerings.