Herring Shoes

Sun’s out…get those espadrilles out!

25 June 2020
Herring Sanremo in navy

According to GQ magazine: “Espadrilles have been a mainstay in men’s armoury since the King of Aragon kitted out his infantrymen with pairs back in the 13th century.” 

Well, there’s a fact for you!

Eight centuries later and they are still being used by men stepping out for summer rather than battle.

Do not be too quick to dismiss the espadrille. They may have come from humble beginnings as peasant footwear worn in Spain or France, but that does not mean you only have to wear them when you dress down or your unsightly toenails need to stay hidden.

Sanremo in biscuit

Espadrilles are a compact slip-on shoe with updated versions produced by top designers every S/S season, but essentially they are same shoe.

Espadrilles are smart enough to wear with tailored chino trousers and a shirt. Alternatively, choose a linen suit and T-shirt for an updated Miami Vice style or slim jeans and a white T-shirt. All trousers though need generous turn-ups or should be slightly cropped to reveal a bare ankle.

They are equally versatile to be worn with shorts instead of flip-flops. An article on the DMARGE website suggested espadrilles were the gentleman’s alternative to flip-flops. Worn with a linen shirt, smart T-shirt or cotton sweater, they are uber preppy with the ability to elevate you from beach bum to refined Riviera (French or English depending on your love for our neighbouring Torquay) gent.

Styling the Sanremo

On all occasions, I would opt for no socks otherwise you immediately lose your summer vibe and, quite possibly, your dignity! 

We have applied our classic know-how to produce a suede design in biscuit or navy to suit any outfit. Our espadrille has a flexible rubber sole and heel, so they are more hard-wearing and will last you longer than the traditionally made shoes.

Come on…when the sun’s out, pull on your espadrilles to enjoy a footwear style favoured by the great and good of the fashion world. This is no peasant shoe; this is a pleasant shoe.