Herring Shoes

Time to go Commando?

24 September 2020

Behave! I am not talking about a lack of underwear…I am talking about your boots.

Churchstow Boot

Combat boots with a Commando-esque sole are your go-to boot trend for this autumn/winter. These military inspired boots will ensure you are ready for anything…and will make you stand a little taller too. This heavy-duty boot is inspired by the combat footwear worn by the military and they are as tough as they look, but that does not mean they are rough. Prada, Valentino and Givenchy all have their versions and Herring is no different…all with that iconic thicker sole.

Our classic offering, due to its elongated ankle shaft, much favoured in the punk era, are the Churchstow Norwegian style. They have contrast Norwegian stitching around the welt into the upper, along with the Goodyear stitch into the sole. They feature six pairs of eyelets and three pairs of speed-lace eyelets too. While black is what you will see on the catwalks, we have these in brown and tan grain as well.

Herring Fleetwood

For a more country or workman-like look, may I suggest the Fleetwood. Same tough sole but a suede upper and they’re surprisingly lightweight. Meanwhile, the Windermere isn’t so much crafted as engineered. It is a thoroughly masculine style, it is a boot designed for taking on the elements. Featuring a leather upper and full leather lining, the Commando rubber sole and Veldtschoen construction make this a highly water-resistant shoe. They all feature the Commando rubber sole to give grip and unbelievable wear, and a bit of extra height. Be warned though, make sure you kick the dirt out of the cleats before you get in the door or you will not be popular when you traipse mud through your home.

Herring Churchstow

If you are not into a heavyweight sole, we can offer you a Dainite rubber alternative. This is also very durable but a bit thinner. The dimples offer a good level of grip, but the round design stops you tracking dirt into the house. See our Badminton boot, which we describe as the ultimate gentleman’s boot, sporting five pairs of eyelets and three pairs of speed-lace eyelets. For a smarter look you can opt for our Kirkdale Chelsea boot or be more relaxed with the Canterbury chukkas.

As we slip into autumn, a boot made for all weather is a must for everyone’s wardrobe, so why not get something that is durable and fashionable to see you through many colder seasons to come?