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Where can I buy decent men’s shoes?

25 June 2020

If you have landed on this blog, then you may have just Googled this question! One of the answers to the title question is…us!

Buy British shoes
One of our best selling shoes, the Herring Carnaby

Sadly though, web queries like this will become more relevant as some high street shops close after being forced to shut their doors for several months during lockdown. This will include independent retailers that have long served their local communities with shoes and boots from a range of manufacturers.

Of course, there will still be the option to go to large chain stores that sell their own brand of shoes, along with clothing, homewares, gifts, etc. However, by being so prolific as one-stop shops for all a family’s needs, an element of craftsmanship will be lost, and these stores very seldom offer a fitting service or even a qualified footwear advisor.

Department stores will often stock a range in the same way as a traditional shoe shop used to, but even before lockdown, there were department stores that were heading for administration. Coupled with people adhering to social distancing rules, the temporary, and potentially permanent closure, of shoe shops has seen people go online to find their footwear. This can be bewildering as there are manufacturers and there are retailers…and manufactures that have their own shoe shops!

We specialise in classic British style such as our stunning Herring Exmoor

Herring Shoes is an online retailer that sells shoes and boots from a range of manufacturers. Most of these are UK based. We have always worked closely with largely Northamptonshire-based factories and their craftsmen and this seems even more appropriate as the UK’s shrinking economy tries to wrestle back the 20% it shrank by in April.

All our shoes are ‘decent’. In fact, we are proud of their quality. They do range in price and we often have sales to make them affordable. In addition, our welted shoes can be re-soled time and time again to ensure your investment lasts for many years and will often be less than the amount you would have spent on replacing countless cheaper shoes. Your soles can be replaced multiple times but the leather upper that has moulded to your feet will remain just as comfortable.

We have recently reached our 7,500 Google review milestone to give online shoppers confidence in our ability to meet their needs. We have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 with more than 93% of customers giving us the highest possible rating.

And while you cannot all come and see us in our store – although we do have one in Kingsbridge – our customer services team is very experienced in the nuances of all the footwear we sell and whether they suit a wide or standard foot, whether to go a size up or down, etc. Give them a call – they are remote but friendly versions of qualified footwear advisers.

We do jazzy too, check out our Herring Laverton

Head to our website to browse our stock by manufacturer, by shop type, by size, by colour or by fit. Decent footwear is still being made and sold by Herring.