Herring Shoes

Why I love spectator shoes

21 February 2020

As I reflect on my shoe collection, one thing becomes immediately apparent. I have a weakness for spectator or correspondent shoes and boots.

Spectator shoes became very popular in the 1920s and 1930s and I am so pleased that in the last 10 years there has been a resurgence.

I love them because the combination of contrasting colours and textures create so much personality and interest. And, depending on the combination of leathers, the style can be formal and elegant (such as, the Herring Moriarty Balmoral boot, that balanced the black calf and black suede combination of leathers like a maestro conducting a symphony) or flamboyant and edgy (such as the Herring Jekyll and Hyde that gave you the choice of black and white calf or mahogany and white calf). I have to confess that I have all the styles that I just mentioned.

No doubt, you need to be at ease and feel confident wearing spectator shoes but once you have, you will fall in love immediately. And, irrespective of whether the style is formal therefore more subtle or flamboyant, you will be noticed.

One of the best features on the Herring website is the New Styles section. It is a great way to quickly find out what new styles are available from all the brands on the Herring catalogue. I encourage you to do it often.

Having said that, you will not be surprised to learn that I was excited when I saw the new Henley spectator brogue featured in New Styles.

As I mentioned, I have a weakness for spectator brogues, but I reckon it is one of the best new styles available at the moment.

It is a spectator brogue in dark leaf calf with a contrasting canvas. It is exquisitely made and the dark leaf calf and canvas combination is perfectly balanced. The colours create a beautiful contrasting harmony and the texture of the canvas gives the shoe such class.

The last is long and elegant with a chisel toe. It does an exceptional job of simultaneously traversing the contemporary with the classic. Consequently, it will remain current indefinitely and, in my opinion, will become an iconic design and style.   

Herring Henley

With time, the canvas will develop its own individual character and patina that will make your Henley unique and, for all intensive purposes, a bespoke design.

The Henley is a great choice with so many different outfit choices. Clearly, it would be suitable and a dashing addition to a linen 3 piece suit in the summer or a more relaxed chino or jeans inspired ensemble. The Henley is such a versatile style.

It is still very warm in Melbourne so the Henley’s timing is perfect but I also plan to wear it in some of the cooler months that are looming. I reckon they would even be at home with a tweed ensemble and an option to consider with a brown chalk stripe flannel suit.

Of course, any outfit sporting the Henley will not be complete without the finishing touch of a fedora hat. A suitable hat is always a must.

I am sold on the Henley’s style. I hope you will be too. 

Be daring … be dashing.