Herring Shoes

Chunky loafers for winter WFH and daily walks

26 January 2021

We usually start to wax lyrical about loafers in spring. It’s when we start to see the warmer, longer days and feel brave enough to ditch the socks and roll our trousers up a notch or two.

Winter 2021 though is very much an inside affair with the Government advising us to stay in doors to try to control the pandemic and to protect the NHS. The exceptions are when you need to go out for food, medical attention, etc. or to embrace your daily exercise routine. We think the chunky loafer fits the bill in both instances.

If you are working from home but still like to wear shoes, then the loafer without socks works here. You can slip them on and off as required. They can be worn with any type of trousers. They are smart enough in case your work video call involves your feet – would love to know in what circumstances this occurs by the way!

When you do head outdoors, simply grab a pair of socks, slip your loafers back on and get stomping. The two loafers I have selected below are rugged styles so they can cope with challenging terrains to accommodate any walk.

First up, the Kramer Mod loafers. These new mock-croc style loafers come with a chunky but light sole, which means you will have to do some serious pacing at home and walking the streets to ever wear them down! These go down to size 6 so women can wear them too. They come in black and brown.

Kramer Mod loafers

Tricker’s offer a less retro style in their James R loafers. This a classic penny loafer style with a lightweight Vibram-sole. Again, it looks like a hefty beast that is ready for anything.

If you still want chunk but fancy a more refined sole, give the Terni rubber-soled tasselled loafers a whirl or Church’s Pembrey II rubber-soled loafers. They both have a boxy, no nonsense toe but a rubber sole for a lighter step. They will be more than suitable for popping out for a walk, but you won’t be making a racket on your wooden floor when you return home. The lack of deep cleat will mean you will drag in less dirt from outside too.

It’s funny world we are living in right now with us spending more time indoors that ever. If the thought of spring cheers you up, then start wearing the loafers early – it’s only a month early after all! I mean, who’s going to tell you not to?