Herring Shoes

Finally…the ladies get a look in!

8 January 2021
Ladies…it’s our turn!

I have been working for Herring Shoes for two years now and I have written numerous blogs about shoes; let us be more specific…men’s shoes! I am happy that the chaps get the quality footwear they no doubt deserve, but hey, I feel my fellow sisterhood and I deserve a look in too.

Rant over and breathe! Well, I reckon they have been listening as Herring are now stocking their own line of women’s shoes and have also recently take on Red Wing too. From nothing to choice – what is going on?

So, I thought I would have a peek at some of the styles that are on offer.

I am going to start with my Herring faves: the Monica Derby shoes. The thick sole reminds me of the black Doc Marten’s shoes I wore in sixth form, but with sixth form a distant memory, I am finding I prefer the brown. I can see these working with some thick socks and a long skirt or chinos. They are proper preppy and are comfortable to boot. Winning!

Still a little bit sixth form but totally rocking are Red Wing’s classic moc rubber-soled boots to give me height, comfort and a little bit of edginess that I still crave. I would go black with skinny jeans to max out my punk potential while the tan oro colour is equally jean appropriate with a checked shirt methinks. I really like these!

I do appreciate that not everyone is hankering for their youth and is willing to accept their classy is sometime best. Herring has always had this nailed with super smart styles that are also good for your feet.

Having looked longing at the men’s Thatcher brogue Chelsea boots for the past two years, Herring has produced the Giovanna style. Made on an elegant last shape, it also has a sleek silhouette and a slight heel to give you a 20mm lift. The Giovanna comes in navy or burgundy leather or a black suede. I love navy and wish there were more navy boots and shoes around, so hurrah to Herring for this beauty.

The Miranda loafer offers a blue/black colour option. Like the Monica, it has a contemporary chunky rubber sole teamed with a debonair tassel and fringe. The round toe just adds to the comfort factor. Herring has also produced the Giulietta, which has a brogue detailing for a more country-set look and feel.

Miranda loafer

For a more classic look, try the Sophia loafers. Our model Lily has teamed them with leather trousers and a black polo-neck…and she looks gorgeous! What is almost as gorgeous is the leather these shoes are made from. It is so supple it feels more like glove leather. The sacchetto construction also allows the shoe to flex more than you would expect. This is a very complex process – it is like creating a bag inside the shoe – that only the best footwear makers can achieve. The sole is half-leather and half-rubber to give breathability and lightness, combined with the durability and water resistance of rubber and is blake-stitched to the upper. A true classic staple for any woman’s wardrobe.

Sophia loafer

Lastly, I am heading back to the Red Wing range for their no-nonsense Chelsea boot. Available in black and pecan leather, they both feature the tan welt layer where the stitching is displayed. In my mind, it’s a nice feature and being welted, these shoes can be repaired too to extend their lifetime.

This was a whistle-stop tour of our latest women’s style. No doubt there will be more to come, and I will be the first to tell you about them! 😊.