Herring Shoes

Fur-lined boots for non-frosty feet

7 January 2021

Jack Frost has been out and about this week with some parts of the country also seeing snow of late. But does that mean you have to throw your sense of style to the icy wind and dig out your moon boots à la the 1980s? 

As ever, we never disrespect anyone’s fashion choice, but as one outing a day for physical exercise has again become a reality in the UK, it would be cheering to be able to step out in style without the discomfort of cold or painful toes. I am talking about fur-lined boots. Yes, you heard me right and don’t disregard them until you have tried them! You know the satisfaction of putting your feet into a pair of slippers and just going: “Ahhhhhhh”? Well, you can get them same feels from a pair of stylish boots.

If I am honest, fur-lined boots have always conjured up images of pensioners going to the shops with tartan trollies. Old folk are no fools (as we all know). They have been gadding about in cosy fur while we have been suffering for the sake of fashion.

Until now. 

Herring has blended superior senior citizen nous with style to create a range of fur-lined boots and slippers (of course).

The very latest model is the Peebles two-tone rubber soled boot. I mean, just look at these bad boys. They are lush with a capital L! As the product description states, they are utilitarian yet luxurious with a blend of suede and leather, eyelets and lace hooks, and a Goodyear welted Vibram sole to boot.

I’d love these myself but my diminutive size four feet would not. But if you are a woman who wears size 6 or above, smaller sizes are on their way. I admit to being a tad jealous, as the Peebles comes in three great colours: khaki, burgundy and fox. They carry a price-tag of £450 but these boots are also welted so they can be repaired again and again to protect your worthwhile investment.

For a smarter look and a hark back to the days of Peaky Blinders, try the Tregony with its sheepskin lining. This means they are basically slippers that you can wear outside! They have a lightweight Dainite sole and a capped toe to complete their winter attributes. Again, these start at size six and come in black calf and brown grain.

My last choice is Loake’s Wolf rubber soled brogue boots. This style comes in black and tan…they are classic yet edgy. They ooze Britishness, are robust enough for a crisp morning walk, smart enough to be worn as work footwear and cool enough for the Zoom quiz on Saturday night.

Don’t let your feet get cold this winter. Embrace the fur-lined boot to feel more than just a tad snug and smug. #winning