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Party shoes for the festive season

10 November 2021

Parties are back on the agenda. In the summer, we celebrated the return of weddings. In the winter, we can look forward to Christmas office dos, family gatherings, New Year’s Eve, drinks after work, dinner parties, clubbing, long Sunday lunches…the whole works! It has been a while and we are ready!

While us girls will slip into some high-heeled twinkly numbers, what will the boys be wearing for the party season? Sure, you could just wear your work shoes, but does that set you up for a fun night out? We have already discussed that your Oxfords will serve you well from the office to the wedding breakfast, but are they party prepped? I say no!

Herring Levante

Tuck away those brogues and heavy-duty boots too. No-one wants you to step on their toes in those chunky bad boys. Think more Sashay Steve than Steady Eddie. And do not think no-one will notice what you are wearing on your feet. As discussed in my The Psychology of Shoes blog…they will notice and so will you. You want to strut into a party with confidence not tip toe in with blister or a sense of awkwardness that come when you realise your shoes are just not hitting the spot for the occasion.

Never fear, we have suggestions for you starting with the men’s shiny equivalent to the women’s sparkly court shoes. Admittedly, they are Oxfords, but they are black patent. Be still my beating heart! These are crooner shoes; shoes that demand dancing; shoes for being well and truly out-out! Team the Aston Oxfords with black tie and you are good to go. These are classics and are a great investment for every occasion where a tuxedo is deemed de rigueur.

Herring Aston

Want a little bit more personality and a nod to a classic James Bond era? I mean, why wouldn’t you? Have a look at our Levante two-tone loafers. I think I am in love these shoes. Again, they shout dancing and schmoozing. No need for black tie for these either but they are definitely shoes ‘for best’. We have them in black with a burgundy strap or in navy. The latter would totally rock with a navy suit and crisp white shirt.

And just when you thought you could not get any more decadent…what about our velvet slippers? A good friend wore slippers for his wedding and looked awesome. Unsurprisingly, these are very comfortable, thanks to their luxurious quilted lining, so will stand you in good stead for being on your feet all night. Slippers are again often worn with black tie, although our models on the Herring Monarch slipper listing have styled them jeans and chinos, and look great! They come in black, navy and purple velvet and feature the Herring crest. Alternatively, we have skull, stag and cutlass designs too, plus an unadorned version with the Marquis slipper.

Herring Farnborough

Lastly, for a little more understated pizazz, I offer you the Farnborough two-tone shoes. These are spectator style but with an upgrade. They are not your run-of-the-mill spectator style. The navy suede and leather finish with no broguing in sight make them a very smart shoe that you could wear with a suit, trousers or jeans depending on the occasion.

Of course, there are plenty of other styles available on our website. If funds allow, I do not think it is unreasonable to treat yourself to some party shoes after the past 20 months. This is not the time for just making do with your work shoes. It’s time to enjoy seeing friends and family during your leisure time, particularly this Christmas. 

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