Herring Shoes

Post Brexit update

5 January 2021

Brexit has officially taken place but what does that mean for our valued European customers? Whereas some businesses on both sides may be shutting up shop to customers in the UK and on the continent, we – well, mainly our web guru Gareth – have been working hard to make sure there are no barriers to your shopping experience. In fact, our European customers stand to benefit from the UK’s EU exit as the VAT you pay will generally be less than the 20% customers pay here.

The process should be simple. 

Simply select your goods of choice. The price advertised will not include the VAT. This will be added when you get to the checkout stage and will represent what tax you would normally pay in your country.  Your order will be shipped with all fees paid too, so there is little or no impact on ordering from us if you are in the EU. It is business as usual.

Some of our best customers are European, so it stands to reason that we want to take care of you. We have tried to make it at easy as possible using intricate web code and multiple tax rates across Europe.

We continue to operate as usual for customers who live outside the EU too.

In short, our doors are well and truly open.