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Shoes and boots to wear with lounge suits at weddings

23 July 2021

In the first part of our wedding shoe guide, we covered the formal black shoes and boots you would wear with morning suits and more formal attire. Today, we are going to consider shoes that would be suitable to wear with lounge suits for a formal, yet a little more dressed down, occasion.

Most weddings would fit this bill, where the groom, the ushers and the rest of the male wedding party wear matching or complementary lounge suits. Most will buy something new for the occasion and we would urge you to consider your footwear at the same time.

As we have often alluded to in our blogs about wedding shoes, they not only need to look the part but also need to support you through a tiring day. Grooms, ushers, and guests alike will be on their feet for much of the day whether at the ceremony, posing for photos, drinking bubbles and eating canapes before the wedding breakfast, standing in the receiving line, making speeches or dancing… it’s not your average day at the office. 

You need comfort which means getting a pair of shoes that fit you properly. This is where handmade shoes will serve you well. They will mould to the shape of your feet. No slipping at the heel and no pinching at the toe will prevent blisters. I mean, who wants a blister on their wedding day? If you are unsure of your sizing when it comes to choosing a pair of handmade shoes, then our guide here may help or just call our customer services; they are skilled in advising people on the size they need!

But what style and colour to choose? I am going to steer away from black as we have already discussed these in the formal wedding shoe blog. Here are a few ideas to choose from, but there are plenty of styles and brands on the Herring website to choose from, so please feel free to browse away.

Herring Carnaby

Due in this month, the Eden Oxford is a truly stunning formal shoe in a dark leaf colour. It has a contemporary shape with a brogue punch to the toe and swan neck broguing to the sides. Handmade by the craftsmen at Cheaney in Northamptonshire, this looks like a bespoke shoe and will make any groom or usher feel like they have paid attention to their footwear.

Brogues are popular choice for a wedding in the country, but they can suit a town affair too. Our Henry II brogues in chestnut calf ooze quality. Also made in Northamptonshire by Alfred Sargent, they have a beautiful, burnished finish. The Carnaby brogue is a great alternative brogue too.

These are still brogues essentially, but the two-tone element pops them into the spectator category. Again made by Cheaney, the Henley is a lightweight shoe with dark leaf calf bearing the broguing detail with the rest of the main body of the shoe made out of beige canvas. We have a Henley II as well, which has less broguing on the toe. Both of these shoes shout “summer wedding”! 

Herring Henry II

For a navy suit alternative, the Farnham combines chestnut calf and navy suede. If you want to lose the brogue look, the Farnborough is a striking option with the navy suede across the vamp this time. Again, super-smart shoes that your mother and mother-in-law, oh, and your wife-to-be, will approve of!

These differ from Oxfords because the closing panels that host the eyelets and laces are sewn on top of the vamp. This gives the wearer a little bit of extra room if they have larger feet or a higher instep. That does not mean they are any less elegant. Take the Golding, as an example, or the Epping. I like the Burlington too for a lighter shade of brown.

Lastly, for shoes, I would suggest the single, double or, even triple, monks. The double buckle Shakespeare is uber classy and elegant, and come up a treat when you polish them. The Dahl has three buckles, which is very unusual so makes them extra special. For a single, try the Byron.

Herring Shakespeare

My husband wore boots to our wedding, and I assume many other do too. Elegance is key for a wedding. I love the Thatcher brogue Chelsea boots in burgundy or the Laverton II two-tone boots. You could also try the Orwell, which is a monk boot, or the limited edition and rather exquisite, Jordan.

The above is a romp through the more refined styles of the Herring collection that I think would work well with a lounge suit for a wedding. If you spot a style that you think would work well too, why don’t you comment below or post a photo on our social media channels in all your finery? We would love to see you!

Next up, we will discuss shoe styles for a casual wedding.