Herring Shoes

Summer is here

14 July 2021

Summer holiday shoes to celebrate the warmer weather

Herring Murlo II and Louisa

It looks like summer is finally here and we are celebrating it! It has been a tough 15 months, so we want to seek out the positives in life and summer must be one of them. We may not be able to travel far and wide but the traffic around Kingsbridge, where Herring Shoes’ headquarters is based, would suggest that people are finding fun in the UK this year.

So, what will you be wearing on your feet? We’re not all made for flip-flops, so we are happy to offer you a few alternatives.

For the beach
Deck shoes are a perennial winner. Referred to as boat shoes by GQ magazine, they are sturdy enough to walk in comfortably, but easy to kick off when you want to feel the sand between your toes. I also think they look a bit better when they are weather-beaten and dusty.

This year, we can offer you deck shoes from Sperry. A certain Paul S Sperry was inspired to cut small grooves into a rubber sole to increase grip when he was on deck. These shoes used to be made in canvas, but leather has become the go-to. To really float your boat, I would suggest the white leather and navy trim of the Bahama IIs or the faded ombre blue twill of the Striper II. They shout ‘summer’! 

Meanwhile, Herring has their usual array of fine deck shoes on offer too. The Rock looks like it sounds with a sturdy cleated rubber sole. The Padstow is more genteel but still has a smart leather finish, while the Fowey looks like it was made for mucking about in boats with a 360˚ tie to ensure they do not fall off in the high seas! They even have a white sole too. 

Herring Fowey

We also stock deck shoes from Sebago, Loake and Barker to give you a full array of options.

For relaxing
I think the Murlo II tops the bill here. Billed as luxurious driving moccasins, these rubber, dimple-soled loafers would work equally well as slippers or an alternative to sandals when relaxing in the sun wearing shorts, chinos or jeans.

And as a shoe for relaxing with your family and friends, would you take the opportunity to be bold with your colour choice? Herring has included a turquoise version amid the usual navy, chocolate and cognac. I mean…why not? This has to be the summer to be bolder than ever!

Herring Murlo II

For dining
We all love the Cannes loafer this year. They are made in the UK, so they are perfect for a UK summer holiday…but are named after a glamorous French location! They combine the crepe sole of desert boots with a gorgeous suede upper in sand, tobacco and navy. These are seriously nice.

The leather-soled Ibstock and Finsbury, with a rubber sole, are also good smart options. Or have a look at the new Tonel. They are unlined and made from high-quality suede, so they are super supple and very comfortable to wear without socks.

Barkers’ William loafers and Loake’s Nicholson loafers are also good choices. 

Herring Cannes

You will hear more from me on shoes for summer, but I wanted to get you started with the suggestions above. Until next time…just enjoy the warmer weather.