Herring Shoes

Winter boots for the Southern Hemisphere

25 August 2021

The few glimpses of sunshine we have had in the UK recently means that it must still be summer…although there is some doubt. While we cheerfully moan about the weather, our friends in the South Hemisphere are currently in their winter with half an eye on spring.

We felt it was only fair to revisit winter boots for the many loyal customers we have overseas below the equator. A big ‘hello’ to you down there. You’ll be glad to know Herring have got some winter corkers up their sleeves (or should that be trouser leg?) for men, and yes, women too!

Herring Stephy

Ladies first, and I have to say I am excited about these to the point I am almost looking forward to winter. The Stephy brogue boots are my kind of thing. Chunky and super traditional, they are retro country-set with a twist that comes in the form of a beefy heel. These beauties are the result of an exclusive collaboration with Trickers using their super-soft, deeply grained muflone leather that has been dried in drums for softness and texture. Blended with a welted rubber sole, they look awesome! They are repairable too so pleasingly tick the sustainability box and should last you for years, with some care and attention. I suspect they will look better with age too.

If you cannot be bothered with laces, then I am also giddy about the Paula rubber-soled Chelsea boots. Potentially written off as a bit horsey, these Chelsea boots have some biker attitude, again care of their generous rubber sole. As well as looking just that little bit edgy, the rubber sole will be perfect for puddle survival in the winter months. I love these in black. 

Herring Paula

Both of the above are exclusive to Herring, so it is unlikely you will see them on anyone else’s feet.

Ok chaps, it’s your turn. What can we offer you this winter Down Under? Here are some of the new boots on the block. A bit like the Stephy, the Corsham is a brogue boot with a chunky Goodyear-welted rubber sole. Colour-wise, you can choose between cedar and cherry.

Next up is the Cromer. This one is a little bit special as it is made from cordovan crup, which is tanned carefully over a long period of time and hand-infused with natural oils to give the lustrous almost translucent look that is so prized, along with a long-life resilience that other leathers cannot match. This leather really is remarkable…it has its own built-in anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle solution! The Cromer has a country-style shape with a toe cap in burgundy or tan. In short, they are really handsome boots.

Herring Cromer

The Melksham is more weathered looking, due to their suede upper, and has a thin rubber sole to help our Southern Hemisphere friends skip into spring. Quite utilitarian looking, these appeal to me in an understated way. I like the eyelets and hook combination, which creates extra ankle height.  

Herring Melksham

Lastly, check out the Mullion II Norwegian two-tone boots. This is a good-looking boot. Rubber heel, high ankle, eyelets and hooks, chunky stitching…rather debonair, if you will. They are country and city combined, so the Mullion II is versatile for winter.

I will come back with some shoe options too, but meanwhile, enjoy this bevvy of boots and remember that spring is just around the corner.