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Can I put my leather boots on the radiator to dry?

19 January 2022

The weather is bonkers right now. Freezing cold to sunny says in an instant with full-on rain interwoven in between. If you are getting out and about in this weather, you will need to choose your footwear carefully, but that does not mean you have to live your life in wellies. 

Leather boots can bear the burden of inclement weather, but you need to give them some help so they are ready to go for your next outing (intrepid adventure) and still look smart enough to be considered acceptable for office attire or going out. Here is how you look after your leather boots…whatever the weather.

Shoe care is essential

First tip: Don’t wear them every day. If budget allows, rotate your boots. They need ample time to dry, or they won’t maintain their shape. They need to be aired or to be blunt, they need time for the sweat to move on. Your boots will smell much nicer too if you give them some breathing space. Switch to other shoes when you get home.

You need to allow them dry if they have got wet from rain, snow, frost, puddles, etc. Please do not put them on the radiator or in the dryer or in an industrial bowl full of rice! Remove any excess debris or moisture, and laces if they have them. You may need to stuff newspaper in them if they are wet inside but remember to keep removing the newspaper as soon as it is saturated. Allow them to dry naturally, on a rack, if possible, without the assistance of heat or sunlight. You cannot rush the drying process!

When your boots are dry, don’t let them get too dry! Cream and wax them appropriately every six weeks or so. Remember to wax the welt area too for extra protection from water. This will help add a bit of extra water resistance.

A well cared for pair of Herring Wilson

Lastly, use cedar shoe trees between wear. These will help draw out the aforementioned sweat and make your boots smell good! They will also reshape the shoe and minimise creasing.

Follow these simple steps and your leather boots should repay you with many years of wear…especially if you keep them off the radiator!


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    Hi do you know the name of the boot in the first graphic above titled ‘Shoe care’?

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