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Looking after our European customers

11 March 2022

Without getting political, while the UK has left the EU, we are still Europeans! We still want to serve our European footwear fans as well as we did before, but you may feel like ordering from a British company is now going to be an arduous or expensive process? So we want to allay a few of the common fears with a short Q&A. 

Why should I trust Herring Shoes to deliver my footwear?
We are experienced shippers with a 100% success rate. If your shoes or boots do not arrive for some reason due to being lost, we will get another pair out to you straight away.

How long will I have to wait for my footwear to arrive?
We offer fast shipments with next day delivery to most of the EU, so you will not have to wait long at all!

I am worried that my shoes will get stuck in customs
Don’t worry, we are experts at shipping shoes into the EU and we haven’t lost a pair yet. We guarantee you will get your shoes. As mentioned before, if there is a problem, we will sort it out.

Isn’t it more expensive, lots of fees to pay?
The big question!We calculate all your duties and taxes in our checkout, so if you choose to pay them through us, there will be nothing extra to pay – guaranteed. Overall the cost of most products is very similar, even with the duties and taxes as they were before Brexit. 

What about VAT?
This may work out well for you as depending on your VAT rate some of our products will be cheaper than before! We deduct 20% UK VAT before adding your own country’s VAT in the calculation of the import fees. If your local VAT rate is under 20% you will be paying less VAT than before.

What about returns?
We use prepaid return labels make returns or exchanges as simple as possible. If you do return your footwear, we will refund your duty and absorb that cost until there is a way to reclaim it on your behalf. This means you can order from us risk-free.

We are a Europhile company with some of our products manufactured by footwear experts in Portugal, Italy and Spain so we are always happy to help answer any questions or resolve issues from our friends on the Continent. We want you to carry on enjoying the quality shoes and boots we have to offer and our top-class customer service without any worries.

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