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Why it makes sense to spend more on your shoes than your suit 

16 May 2022

End of season or term parties, summer balls, sporting events and weddings are beginning to gather pace. As the warmer weather begins to creep in, the social calendar starts to fill up. With so many people still working from home or with more relaxed dress codes now accepted in offices, these events are a rare occasion to don a suit.

It got us thinking about suits and the shoes we wear with them. In our mind, it is better if you spend more money on the shoes than the clothing and here’s why.

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Other people notice your shoes!
Whether you have forgotten to polish them, or they are down at heel or are just a poor choice, other people will notice and probably form an opinion of you. You want this to be a good opinion. Here, are two positive scenarios to consider. 

I suggested my colleague might need a shoe upgrade when I noticed his shoes were looking worse for wear. Bless him, he heeded my advice and got himself his first welted pair of shoes… and it took less than two minutes for someone to compliment him on his shoes after he left the shop!

At the last wedding I attended, the standout guest was a super-tall gentleman with a long beard, but these attributes were not what made him stand out. His patent black Oxfords, similar to our Waltz 11s,  did all the talking for him! He looked awesome and attracted many admiring glances. I could not tell you what kind of suit he was wearing!

While these are positive examples, we can probably all recall memories of when people have made the wrong shoe choice or have not taken care of their footwear. It does not matter if you are wearing head to ankle designer gear if your shoes let you down. Shoes make an outfit. (By the way, I feel this is a safe space as I know I am preaching to converted here. Herring Shoes’ customers love shoes!)

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Shoes can outlast a suit
If you buy welted shoes and take care of the uppers, your shoes can last a long time. Sadly, expanding waistlines or too many knee slides on the dance floor mean suits get worn out. Fashion also changes. The double-breasted dinner jacket of your university days may not be what you want to wear anymore!

If your shoes are repairable – we have a clear logo indicating this on this website – and you regularly polish them and use shoe trees, they should fit you and complement your outfit choice for many years to come. You need to think of your shoes as a true investment. 

Shoes for all occasions
Whereas black-tie suits are for formal occasions, the black Oxfords you wear with them can be worn with a lounge or morning suit, so will see you through days at work and other occasions too. Equally, a tan brogue or spectator shoe can be worn with a suit at work, as well as with chinos or jeans at the weekend. 

In conclusion
The gentlemen filling suit hire places ahead of their summer occasions have got it right. Get the fashionable suit you want for the day but invest in your shoes for years to come. Take university under-graduates, for instance, the shoes you wear to celebrate the end of term will work equally well for job interviews, for work, and for friends’ weddings in the future. 

You want to ensure you stand out for all the right reasons and a good pair of shoes will help you do that.

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  • Reply Lyn 27 June 2022 at 11:49 am

    Hi Caz,
    Totally agree with your article above. Shoes make all the difference and are one of the first things I look at.

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