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The Ibiza

25 June 2024
The Ibiza

How do you upgrade a loafer? I mean, they are pretty darn cool just as they are. They bridge all seasons care of socks or sans socks, can be dressed up or down, are easy to slip on and go, and come in plenty of stylish variants to give the wearer real choice. They can be seen on the feet of the great and good, from the teenage schoolboy and girl to the more mature, shoe-loving gent and lady about town. We love the loafer.

While we fully wallow in the joy of traditional shoes at Herring, such as the penny or horsebit loafer, not to mention the tasselled versions, we are always looking for ways to switch up old-school styles to bring them a modern twist.

Let me introduce our latest In the Spotlight turn, the Ibiza. On top, this shoe has all the makings and markings of a rather fine penny loafer sporting the traditional saddle across the vamp and the cut-out where their wearer could tuck in a coin in case they needed to make an emergency phone call.

The leather used to make this loafer upper feels so comfortable to wear and will mould to your feet the more you step out in them. Made by one of the best shoe factories in Portugal, the Ibiza has been expertly crafted and includes fine detailing to give it it’s oh-so fine finish.

Here’s the twist. Rather than the expected leather or dark rubber sole, we have gone for a sneaker white trim! This elevates the Ibiza in more ways than one. You get the benefit of the extra bounce provided by the rubber while enjoying the visual impact of that contrast between the beautiful cognac calf and the light-coloured sole.

For me, this gives them a little bit of jazz flair or even a touch of American swing, so rather than making a dress shoe look more casual, I think it gives them a bit of extra skip. They are smart enough for a garden party, casual wedding or to complement more dressed-down work attire, while they will also look epic at a sports event. And, if you happen to get invited on boat, it’s owner will thank you for having light-coloured, soft soles that will not mark the white hull and deck.

The newest addition to our Executive range, the Ibiza is a great shoe for the summer season that will take you through to autumn and beyond too.

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