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19 June 2024
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No, we have not lost our minds. This is a new feature that we have recently launched on our website for 40+ pairs of our most popular shoes and boots. This technology is keeping step with the trend of ordering online rather than shopping on the high street and aims to give you extra confidence when choosing your new footwear from Herring.

Don’t worry, you do not have to download an app to make it work. You simply click on the TRY ON icon above the shoe or boot you are considering and your camera on your mobile device will do the rest. You simply point your phone or tablet at your feet and your selected footwear will appear! You can wear the trousers, jeans, shorts, etc. you are planning on teaming them with and move about to get the full effect from every angle. If you are not convinced, give it a go. It’s quite fun.

And the geekiness does not stop there! If you click on AR VIEW, you can place your shoe or boot anywhere you want. I just popped an Exmoor boot on my desk! This could be useful to compare your selected item with the rest of your footwear or to sit them next to your clothes that you plan on wearing them with.

Lastly, you can take a 360° tour of our footwear by moving the image around on your device. All these 3D gizmos and gadgets complement a full range of 2D studio and lifestyle imagery, where available, so you can get a good gander at our products.

In the world of e-commerce, 3D content is considered a game-changer. It offers a more interactive experience allowing you to rotate, zoom and virtually try on their shoes and boots. With so much competition in the footwear market, we feel it is important to be innovative without leaving our manufacturing, design and customer service traditions behind.

The world of 3D product display may be lost on some of you…and that is perfectly ok! We are still here to advise you on the phone, email or WhatsApp where a real person – usually Chris or Sean – will be happy to answer any queries or share their footwear expertise. However, there are also plenty of people who will welcome this technology, so by adding the 3D capabilities to our site, we hope we have answered the needs of all our customers.

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