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Customer review: Caravaggio polo shirt by David Driegert

20 March 2019

First off, let me start this review by saying the Caravaggio is the most expensive casual shirt I’ve ever purchased, so as a Father of, soon to be three, this was an investment for me. Sure I’ve spent good money on my formal clothing for work, as well as many lovely shoes from Herring, but this was a different story, this is a casual shirt, not a formal button down for a suit or sharp sport coat, but one to be worn smartly with slacks, jeans, or khakis on a casual day at work or adventuring out with my family or friends. 

So after clicking that purchase button on my computer I waited with some hesitation, with one big question in mind, “Is this shirt really worth it?” Well, spoiler, yes…yes it is!
The very first thing I noticed about the shirt was the smell, which is quite odd, who purchases a shirt and the first thing you say is, “wow, this shirt smells like a lovely Spring morning.” It really does have a fantastic, fresh, clean, and beautiful smell to it. I immediately wanted all my shirts to smell like this. 

Detailed cuff shot

The next thing I noticed is the fabric, it’s a perfect weight, not too heavy as to be worn only in the depths of winter, and not too light as that summer linen shirt I love to wear sipping cool cocktails on the beach. It’s a shirt that can be worn year round, wear it by itself, or layer it under a cardigan. The stitching is all very straight, refined and unobtrusive in light wearing areas, and robust in harder wearing areas like the cuffs. Oh, and those cuffs, they are a beautiful heavier weight with lovely cut corners adding a very sharp touch to the shirt. 

A detailed shot of the collar and buttons

The buttons, they are beautiful mother of pearl with a lovely shimmer that adds a bit of life to this dark navy blue polo. I really like the five buttons across the top that create a sharp contrast and provide a visual center cue for the shirt that your lady, or gentlemen friend won’t take their eyes away from. 

Lastly, the fit. I’m 5’10” 190lbs and went with the large and it fits perfect. Fitted around my chest and waist without being overly snug. The sleeves are a great length and provide for easy range of motion without fear of the cuffs riding up my arms. 

David Driegert sporting his Caravaggio Polo

This shirt has met and exceeded my expectations and its certainly worth the price, a statement even my wife agrees with, and if she agrees, I know I’m right. Quality and style are exemplified with this shirt and I’d gladly have another in a different color…just waiting on you Naked Clothing

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