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2024 is the year of the boat shoe!

17 April 2024
The Padstow deck shoes

Who knew? Well, British Vogue did so that is a good start. Known as deck shoes where we are headquartered in Devon, they are exactly the same as boat shoes, as they are more commonly known in the US.

For the boating set, they are a practical choice as deck shoes are easy to slip on and slip off, but do not slip when on deck due to the sole originally designed by Paul A Sperry in 1935. They go well with chinos, jeans and shorts and do not need a pair of socks, so they are great for spring and summer.

But British Vogue is all about serious fashion not the comfort of the yachting fraternity. This resurgence for the love of the boat shoe has come hot on the heels of enthusiasm for 1990s preppy and Sloane styles. I remember it well!  Alice band anyone?

It’s all about looking relaxed even when you are on a night out. For me, it is like transferring the Salcombe seasonaires style to the pubs and clubs of south London. As deck shoes are so comfortable to wear, especially if you add a splash of colour with some socks (I did say it was a preppy revival), we reckon deck shoes will be slipped on for the office too. No need to change your shoes after your walking commute either.

We have been stocking deck shoes for eons. They are a seasonal favourite that half the Herring office wear all year round. We have all the traditional styles you would expect to see, plus a few upgrades, especially for our female customers.

Traditional deck and boat shoes
We have got these in all the traditional colours you would expect to find with lightweight rubber soles, a 360° lacing system and two eyelets – see our Padstow and Fowey styles. We also have a Salcombe version that does not have the tied laces, so looks like a blend of a deck shoe and a penny loafer.

We stock deck shoes from other brands such as Barker, Loake and Sebago including the heavier cleated styles, so it is worth a good browse. We also have some Sperry styles in our sale among others.

The Padstow II in navy and brown

Deck and boat shoes for women
Are you ready? We have gone to town this year and requested styles in a myriad of colours. The Cordelia comes in a stunning green or pink mock-croc suede alongside an untextured lilac. Or there are the super soft nubuck leather versions in a vibrant yellow or more traditional navy with teal laces. Lastly, our pony style is cream with brown markings. Check out our women’s sale for some Sebago bargains too, including a clog version in pale blue and pink and a traditional brown waxy calf style.

The Cordelia in every colour

Need socks?
If you want to prep up your deck shoe style, we have got some super socks. Our red Gomez style is just £4.50 right now in the sale, plus some hooped bobby dazzlers!

It feels like spring has been a long time in coming this year, so we are all dying to switch to a spring/summer wardrobe. Could deck shoes be your first step?

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