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27 March 2024
Black polished Newcastle Oxfords

We are not under any illusion that we are a fashion house that sets the trends for the season, but we do react to customer demand. The over-riding trend we noticed at the end of last year and the start of this, is a demand for more polished leather shoes. Team this with the penchant for tailored items and the return of the suit, and that’s a pretty smart look.

But what is polished leather?

Allow me to explain. Polished leathers are treated to give them a high shine appearance and are often known as corrected leathers. The treatment they are given to make them shine can give an initial firmer feel to the shoe, but due to the extra covering given to the leather, small imperfections are covered up. This means that less expensive leather skins can be used so you will sometimes find that polished shoes are cheaper than a calf leather equivalent.

They are also easy to care for. No need to get out the brushes and the tins of polish. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth, so more just spit, rather than spit and polish!

Polished leather is not the same as patent but rather a shinier version of the matt leather equivalent. It’s a lovely halfway house that looks super with smart tailoring.

But that does not mean you have to wear a suit to wear a polished leather shoe or boot, there are plenty of more causal styles that are embracing the shine too, with loafers the obvious example.

With the warmer weather on its way, wedding season and summertime events will soon be upon us, or you might just want to upgrade your work shoes. Polished leather footwear is an excellent choice and a popular one too, judging by the orders and requests we get here at Herring.

Black polished Barcelona loafer
Black polished Barcelona

From one of our best-selling men’s loafers, the Barcelona (above), to our Newcastle Oxfords (top image) and Birchwood brogues, we have all occasions covered. All these styles are designed to be repairable too so they really are an investment that you will rely on time and time again when that invite falls through the door or into your inbox or you need to smarten yourself up for an important meeting.

Browse through our polished styles here and add a little easy-care shine to your life.

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