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The Torre

13 March 2024

We have shone the spotlight on rugged workingman’s boots recently in response to the enduring enthusiasm for the Peaky Blinder style. We have also started inching towards suede as we embrace spring. But how about blending the two?

The Torre does exactly that. With a cleated, chunky rubber role, you know you are getting a rugged little number. Complemented by a suede upper, yellow and brown round laces through seven pairs of eyelets, and a leather collar, then you have the look of the definitive tough guy boot.

We have added small design details to elevate this style even further though. The leather collar is a striking, sneaker-like white and the pale welt makes the distinction between the dark sole and suede upper.

The other standout difference with the Torre is that it is surprisingly lightweight for a rugged boot. A pair of size 8s will weigh in at 937g. Compare this to our Exmoor (1.35kg), Burghley (1.46kg) and the Cambridge (1.67kg) and you get the gist.

We have also made comfort a priority with plenty of padding to ease your time on your feet, plus a full leather lining.

To me, this is a good boot for this time of year. It’s not quite warm enough to whip out the summer styles, but the brown suede is a nod to spring and a step away from the weather-worn calf heroes of winter.

The Torre is also a great accompaniment to a good old pair of jeans or cargo trousers. Add a casual top or two and you are good to go. A great style for the weekend.

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