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Meet the team: Chris Clark

24 November 2020

In the first of our Meet the Team series, we will check in with our customer service and social media manager. As people who work with shoes and our products on a daily basis, they have excellent knowledge of the industry and the latest trends.

Name: Chris Clark

Job title: Customer service/social media leader

How long have you worked at Herring Shoes? 10 years

Favourite style of shoe and why? Brogue… ideally in boot form. They go with anything and are generally appreciated by everyone even if they have little shoe knowledge. Everyone knows what a brogue is and that it stands for quality and style.

What is your shoe philosophy? You can turn a simple outfit consisting of a pair of jeans and t-shirt into something that looks thoughtfully put together if you add a decent pair of shoes. It’s a good way to express yourself.

What has been the biggest change in the shoe industry that you have seen since you have worked for Herring Shoes? More experimental styles are being made and, more importantly, they are being brought by customers. I would also say the demand for higher quality is at its peak, customers are happy to pay a premium if the quality is there.

Who would you like to see wearing Herring Shoes and why? Prince Harry. Likeable guy and a bit edgy too. Who doesn’t like him?

Top shoe care tip: Don’t put your shoes away dirty, especially if you are not planning to wear them again for a while. It will be a nightmare trying to clean them if the dirt impregnates the leather. If they get wet, ensure shoe trees are inserted and they have at least one day’s rest.

If you had to choose one pair of Herring Shoes to wear for the rest of your life, what would they be? My Coniston boots. Thick leather, thick Dainite soles and they feel sturdy, not to mention they look great with anything. The dark burgundy is very versatile. If the zombie apocalypse broke out, they would be the boots to see me through it!

Coniston boots