Herring Shoes

Stand out from the crowd wearing the two-tone Herring Henry II

14 August 2020

Good day gentlemen! I am Kazi Atiquzzaman from Melbourne, Australia and it is good to be back with another review. This time I will be talking about a beautiful pair of Herring Henry II in espresso calf and brown suede which I have owned for almost a year now. This two-tone spectator style shoe which is Goodyear welted is handmade by Alfred Sargent of Northampton. It is a brogue with stylish swings to the facings and quarter patterns which gives a bespoke look to the shoes. 

The Spectator style first appeared in 19th century and initially made as cricket shoes. In England, it is also known as the co-respondent shoe. The spectator was considered a bit too flamboyant for English gentleman up until the 1930s. In the US, they were more popular amongst the musicians and gangsters during 1920s and 1930s. 

Herring Henry is considered as a casual style and therefore it is suitable for weekend outfits or casual Fridays when paired with odd jackets and trousers. These pairs are anything but boring and adding them to your closet is a great way to amplify your personal style. The two-tone brogues will elevate your overall outfit and perfect for men who admire the glorious Jazz era and prefers a vintage aesthetic with a lot of history behind it.

Herring Henry two-tone brogues are a unique reimagining of the spectator shoe. The espresso calf leather is contrasted by brown suede that gives the shoe a distinct look. The spectators are usually considered as summer shoes, but the darker colors of Herring Henry two-tone brogues stretched this shoe’s utility to year-round territory. I suggest that if you have a lot of confidence, you would be well served by owning a spectator, especially this one. 

Herring offers a rich variety of spectator shoes and their friendly team is always there to guide you if you need any assistance. Currently Herring is running a sale, and this is the best time to invest on a quality pair or two which will last a lifetime with proper care.