Herring Shoes

Review: The Voyager trainer

29 June 2021
The Voyager in black and yellow

As a physio, I am on my feet all day, so comfortable shoes are a must-have. I was delighted to give the Voyager trainer, made by Norman Walsh Footwear for Herring Shoes, a whirl.

The first thing I have to say is that they definitely catch the eye. Lots of my patients have commented on them. The yellow leather detail against the black mesh and suede makes them standout and they go well with my black trousers.

They are also really springy, as they are well-cushioned, and I would suggest would suit a wearer with a neutral foot type.

They are quite narrow, which suits me, so if you have a slender foot shape, these will work for you.

What I really liked though was their retro look and feel, their British-ness and their history. As the leaflet will explain that comes with your Voyager trainers, Norman Walsh made the shoes worn by Sir Roger Bannister when he became the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes. 

I also like that Norman Walsh Footwear made the first ever mountain running shoe and fell-running shoe. Sir Chris Bonington wore the latter as he trained for his first-ever successful ascent of Mount Kongur.

As a keen sportsman, the cricket, rugby league and marathon connections suit me too.

I am not sure I would wear these for running a marathon or even a mile in though. I would need more breathability, shorter laces, more grip and more of a rocker under my big toe. Anyway, they are too nice to run in! I would say these are more for everyday smart casual wear rather than running down their tread in the gym.

While I am wearing the black and yellow version, I am reliably informed that the Voyager is also available in green and brown, navy and gold, black and grey, mustard and white, green and orange (see below), and navy and white, so plenty of choice.

The Voyager in green and orange

Norman Walsh Footwear is celebrating 60 years since the brand was founded this year. It’s nice to be wearing a bit of British sporting heritage on my feet and my patients clearly approve!