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Rev up your biker style

25 January 2022

Biker boots offer a different style for the heavy boot-loving wearer. While combat boots are still a favourite for many, the biker boot provides a just-as-rough-and-tough alternative to tap into your inner Marlon Brando.

The engineer boot led the way for biker boots when a stovepipe leg was fashioned over an English riding boot. The modern-day biker boot can range from ankle to below the knee and are designed to protect the lower limbs of their wearer care of their thick leather upper and tough rubber sole. Buckles, zips, and fasteners are often incorporated to maintain a snug fit and the heel is low to enable the wearer to effectively control the bike. 

Herring has brought out its own version of the biker boot that is equally at home as a fashion item as it is on the back of a Harley Davidson. They are also useful for wet weather walks.

Our design features a commando rubber sole, a gear-change patch on the toe and a zip for convenience. There is a buckled strap and cut out ribbed section at the back to rev up the biker style. They have been handmade using Goodyear-welting for the highest quality and long-term ownership, as they can be repaired repeatedly.

These boots are hand-patinated individually in the Carlos Santos factory, so they look great and just need a gentle wax-based cream or polish to protect them. 

Biker boots are a great accompaniment for jeans with a T-shirt, casual shirt or chunky jumper. You could even chuck on a leather jacket to complete the look. This is a far cry from the tweed suits that were originally worn by motorcyclists!

If biker style is not your thing, you may prefer the Churchstow Norwegian rubber-soled boots or the Hartwell brogue boots. The latter two have the same cleated rubber sole to give a nod to rugged footwear.

January and February weather is ideal for these types of boots, when its constantly wet underfoot and we are all dragging ourselves around waiting for spring to get going. A new pair of boots always does wonders for the sole and, indeed, the soul, so maybe biker chic is what you have been waiting for to brighten up the gloomy days.

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