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Customer review: Crispin shirt by David Driegert

6 May 2020

The first thing I noticed when I got the Crispin shirt in my hands was the feel of the fabric, it was soft and a very nice weight. I’m particular about the fabric weight. Too thin and the shirt feels cheap and can be see-through; however, too thick, and the shirt will wear warm and also feel bulky when tucked in or under a blazer. This shirt however hits the weight perfectly; it feels solid and drapes really nicely over the shoulders and through the waist. 

Herring Crispin shirt and Edward II shoes

I looked at the stitching over the entire shirt. From the cuffs to the yoke, the stitching was straight, uniform, and never too close to the edge of the fabric. The collar stitching in particular was perfectly on point, pun intended, and, on this blue shirt, provided just a small amount of texture to the well-shaped and spread collar. The stitching and thread on the buttons is also nicely executed. It’s thick and sturdy ensuring the buttons won’t easily stretch out or start to fray.

Looking at the back of the shirt, the darts are also nicely sewn. They look to be blind stitched giving the back of a shirt a very seamless and clean look, an extra detail welcome on a quality dress shirt. 

The fit of the shirt is very nice, it’s slim fitting without being overly tight and restricting. I’m 5’11” and 190lbs and the 16″ collar shirt fits perfectly with one exception.

There is a bit too much fabric on the sleeves making them looking frumpy; that’s a technical term right? I’m a 34.5″ sleeve length, when I stretch my arm down it seems like longer sleeve length gents won’t have this issue, but if you are a 16″ collar with 34/35 sleeve you’ll notice this additional fabric making the sleeves bulky. Other than the sleeves issue, the waist, shoulders, collar, and chest all fit absolutely spot on. For myself, I wouldn’t wear the shirt untucked as I feel the overall length of the shirt its best suited for tucking in, but if you’re 6’0″ or taller it would probably look properly proportioned. 

The colour of the shirt is a nice soft blue. It will easily go with any blazer or tie of your choice. In my pictures you’ll see I’ve paired it with a nice dark forest green tie sporting the flying union flag…perfect for this Yankee! 

In summary the shirt is a wonderful weight, has a lovely fit, especially for slightly longer armed gents, and the details, like stitching and buttons, all culminate to a quality shirt you’ll be happy to wear for years to come. 

Available as single or double cuff here and the tie is available online also by following this link. The shoes worn are the Herring Edward II semi brogues.