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Jerry’s review of the Herring Chamberlain and Churchill

17 January 2022
Wearing my Churchill

Whether they are shoes or boots, if you have read some of my previous blogs, you will know that I love spectators. They are tremendous, because there is an interplay with contrasting and complimenting colours and textures of leathers and other materials such as suede, canvas and even tweed; that enables them to make big statements and be somewhat unique. 

Nonetheless, as I consider the question of which shoe is my favourite Herring style, I will have to go with something less ostentatious. The two that I adore have several common themes; they are formal and therefore oxford styles, have some brogue patterns and are not black. Whilst black shoes are ubiquitous and it is essential for every well-dressed man to have at least one pair of black oxfords in their wardrobe (which of course I do), I typically do not wear black shoes. 

My favourite styles are the Chamberlain semi brogues in mahogany calf, and the Churchill oxford in burnished mocca without any broguing. 

One of the reasons for this is, is that the mocca and mahogany are very versatile and work beautifully with both formal and less formal ensembles. Men’s suiting often includes navy, various shades of blues, greys and charcoal fabrics. Consequently, mocca or mahogany can give that eye-catching stylish pop and even that je ne sais quoi. 

I love the colour on my Chamberlain

The second reason that I am drawn to the mahogany and mocca, is the gorgeous richness and depth of those hues and the exquisite hand burnishing of both styles. 

The Chamberlain and the Churchill are the best of the best. The calf leather is of the highest quality and the hand burnishing takes many hours. With time and wear a beautiful unique patina will develop which is the testimony of the luxurious design, quality of materials and craftmanship.

The Chamberlain is manufactured by Joseph Cheaney. The last is long but very traditional with a classic almond toe. I love it for its elegant simplicity. There is some broguing but it is minimal. It is the last shape and the mahogany calf that speak to its class. I have worn the Chamberlain many times and without fail, on every occasion, I have been complimented on them. I have worn them at a board meeting at work also at weddings. It is a style that I can wear in many settings. Clearly, it is no surprise that the Chamberlain is a best seller and has been part of the Herring catalogue for many years.

The Churchill, too, is manufactured by Joseph Cheaney. The last is long but unlike the Chamberlain, it has a more contemporary chisel toe whilst still maintaining a classic aesthetic. 

This photo captures the last shape perfectly on the Churchill

Like the Chamberlain, my preference for the Churchill is in the brown burnished hues. The Churchill is a beautiful minimalist design that gives the shoe a little bit more fun and flexibility. I love this style because, like the Chamberlain, it is a shoe that I have worn both at work, in very important meetings, at formal social events and less formal social events and even with jeans. 

Both the Chamberlain and Churchill come from a pedigree that has stood the test of time. They will never date or go out of fashion and will impress well into the future.

Be daring … be dashing.

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