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Gift ideas for men this Christmas

22 November 2023

If you want to buy a pair of shoes or boots for your partner, husband, son, father, uncle or nephew this Christmas, then we can definitely help with that! More realistically, we suspect you would rather spend a little less money. We have collated a top 10 of classic, and rather more thoughtful, Christmas gifts that you may wish to consider.

We hope you find our gift guide for men helpful in the run up to the big day. You may find many of these items discounted too so get them while you can.

  1. Socks Let’s start with a classic…socks. Potentially, much mocked as a gift, but equally totally awesome. Who does not love a great pair of socks? And I guess that is where the ‘great divide’ occurs…there are socks, and then there are SOCKS. We deal with the latter category.  This is chance to buy a quality pair to match the personality of the wearer. We have socks featuring hares, foxes, skulls, Union Flags, classic hoops and tartan to give you plenty of choice.
  2. Cashmere and lambswool scarves Cashmere is a lovely piece of luxury if there ever was one. We have classic plain cashmere scarves in eight different colours but also a range of tartan styles for a bit more colour. No-one will ever chastise you for buying them a cashmere scarf. Once worn, never forgotten! Less pricey but equally smart are our lambswool versions, which are lovely and soft to touch and are lightweight and warm.
  3. Beanies Keep those heads cosy with a merino wool fishermen’s beanie. The Porter beanie by Peregrine is made from Merino, which is a naturally breathable, antibacterial, soft and warm. They look good too.
  4. Valet kits and leather apron This is where gifting can be a little more thoughtful. Everyone needs to polish their shoes, but have they got everything they need to do a decent job and, ultimately, extend the life of their shoes? Our valet boxes and shoe care kits contain everything you need and are the perfect gift for the conscientious man in your life. Our leather apron is a good accompaniment to a valet kit, but also as the perfect protective garment for hobby or DIY enthusiasts.
  5. Ties Men usually need a tie at some point in their life, even if they do not wear them at work. When tie-wearing is a fairly sporadic affair, this can lead to ties being worn that should be left in the era they were first bought in. You know the ones. The tie they bought to wear to a university do back in the nineties or the first wedding they attended. Tie fashion moves on but classic styles usually stand the test of time. Our fine ties are made from Italian silk by London-based manufacturers Seaward & Stearn.
  6. Leather gloves If you go down the route of buying items that your loved ones would not usually buy for themselves then leather gloves are right up there. Our gloves from US-company Red Wing are made from buckskin and come in three different colours. They are very manly gloves! Good for driving, walking in the cold weather, and, generally, looking cool!
  7. Leather travel accessories Do not underestimate the joy a stylish passport holder, washbag or suit carrier can bring. These items are made of quality calf and are simply stunning. Again, not items that the average person buys for themselves, but would truly appreciate if they found them under the Christmas tree.
  8. Braces (or suspenders if you are a US customer) Bit more traditional, but if you have a brace wearer in your life, why not treat them to a fresh style? Our braces are made with leather button and clasp fixings, so the wearer can choose how they want to use them. We have plenty of patterns to choose from. We are particularly keen on the barber-themed style.
  9. Slippers Again, a bit clichéd but a luxurious pair of slippers are always welcome. We have traditional house shoes than can double up for black tie occasions. We have open-heeled styles too and warm-lined versions.
  10. Make-your-own kits Lastly, we love handcrafted products and like to pass on our enthusiasm with our make-your-own kits. If your loved one is a bit of a mover and maker, then they can construct their own bill-fold wallet or belt with the kits put together for us by Devon leather legends Tanner Bates. Don’t worry, previous leatherwork experience is not necessary to make these items. There are links to video tutorials on our website.

If you really cannot make up your mind, then gift vouchers are a good way to go. The men in your life can choose what they want or even put the value of the voucher towards a new pair of shoes or boots.  

We hope this list has given you a little bit of inspiration as the countdown towards Christmas begins. We understand that it can be stressful to buy that perfect gift, but equally feel that classic quality can never be too wrong.

Make your own belt kit

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