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The Colorado

8 August 2023

We have switched our attention to a more casual style for this In The Spotlight feature, but less formal does not mean less quality. The Colorado is a fabulous modern take on the traditional desert boot…and we love it.

The desert boot was brought to the UK by British shoe company C & J Clark, now known as Clarks. When Nathan Clark was deployed to Burma in 1941, not only did he go to fight for his country but to also check out new shoe designs. A fairly unique combination, I think you would say!

He quickly noticed soldiers were wearing durable crepe-soled suede boots that were designed to weather the harsh desert conditions. Mr Clark purchased a pair from a local bazaar and brought them home to Somerset to be re-created and sold to the world four years later.

The ever-so-British desert boot gained a global following, making their debut at the Chicago Shoe Fair in 1950. They became popular with beat poets, musicians and actors to aid their popularity.

And suede desert boots, such as our Dune boots, remain popular to this day, but they have also evolved. For example, chukka boots have the same upper design but are usually leather-lined and have non-crepe soles. Some are even welted, like our Herald, so that they can be re-soled multiple times to enjoy a longer life.

The next iteration of the desert boot from Herring is the Colorado. Still made from suede, but we have offered a few more colours than the classic sand. The Colorado comes in blue, brown and olive to complement a white rubber sole instead of the traditional crepe style.

The plain vamp has been given an upgrade too with a stitched apron to elevate the usual desert boot style. We have also given the Colorado three eyelets – one more than the regimented two of a desert style.

Made by our skilled friends at the Carlos Santos factory in Portugal, the Colorado is made from top-quality suede and is finished by hand. It’s a handsome smart-casual option that will take you through the end of summer and into autumn.

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