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The Jack II

24 July 2023

Here is something new for In The Spotlight. The Jack II is traditional, summery, and cool…all at the same time. This style also reminds me of the hip shoes that male weather and sports TV presenters seem to be wearing these days!

Jack II is a super comfortable casual brogue. What makes it casual? It’s lightweight rubber sole. It is a brilliant seismic clash between a very traditional shoe style and a modern sole.

Tan brogue with white rubber sole known as the Jack II

The brogue has always stood out due to its distinctive perforations and serrated trims. However, the brogue started life in a more low-key scenario as footwear for farmers in Scotland and Ireland back in the 19th century. The perforations or punched holes were designed to let out water!

Somehow the brogue made the leap from the boggy conditions of rural landscapes to the toe-tapping dancefloors of jazz clubs. More recently, the brogue has switched from being the shoe of choice for the country set to being seen out on the tiles in cities and in boardrooms.

We would suggest the tan calf Jack II is a casual city-slicker style that gives a significant nod to the summer season. The white rubber sole is sneaker-like, which makes these brogues so easy and comfortable to wear. The leather upper will mould to your feet while the sole will give you a spring in your step.

These shoes have made by in one our excellent European factories to the highest standards. Dedicated shoemakers tend to have a long history in the craft, take pride in using excellent materials and have an impressive attention to detail. These shoes are good example of such craftmanship.

The Jack II features in our Classic range but it really does have a modern twist. Wear them with jeans, chinos or even a navy or light-coloured suit. We think these brogues are smart enough to come to the party but also relaxed enough for everyday wear.

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