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3 great ways to keep your feet sweet

14 September 2016


Summer – What did it mean for all of us?
Basically our feet were free, in “the open air”…
We all need a break. We all need to breathe. This can be very liberating. It’s good sometimes to fully enjoy a non-active lifestyle and be lazy. And it starts by forgetting everything you read and hear about elegance and rules for a while. Even my articles. Especially my articles!
But the holidays are now over with. Time to get back to reality.
So first, let’s talk about your feet. It’s sad that most men do not take care of their feet at all.
I want to help you change this with 3 great tips.
Firstly you need some sodium bicarbonate – immerse your feet in tepid water (1L) to which you added a small cup of bicarb. Sit and relax for 15 minutes. This is good for everything even the bad smells!
Secondly think about Lavender oil – you just need 2 drops and add it to olive oil. Rub your feet with this perfect blend which I think is ideal against infections and makes your skin feel great. Make sure you always dry your feet perfectly.
Thirdly you must cut your nails. Podiatrist usually say that a pair of small nail pliers is always better than nail clippers. You could save yourself being in pain because of ingrowing nails if you take the time to care for your feet.
These are my favourite tips but you can find many more. My main point is that you must think more often about your feet. You spend half of your day on them so you should treat them like they deserve.

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