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Formal shoes for a long awaited wedding day

20 July 2021
Herring Belgravia

We have written multiple guides on wedding shoes for men (men’s shoes for a casual wedding, wedding shoes guide, shoes and boots suitable for wearing with lounge suits) but we think the topic is worth re-visiting as we have now reached so called ‘Freedom Day’, when restrictions have been lifted, and couples can have the day they have been waiting for. I know one couple who have postponed their wedding three times and I am sure there are others who have done the same.

If you have been holding on, it’s probably because you want all your friends and family to be there for the ‘big do’, so we are going to kick off our series of wedding shoe guides for men with a look at the more formal shoes.

Usually, I would head straight for the black Oxfords, but I am going to offer up something just as elegant and formal, but a little bit different. The wholecut – you can find out more in our recent blog ‘The art of the wholecut’ – is a beautiful thing. Carefully constructed from a single piece of leather, they are both eye-catching and classic. They also ooze craftsmanship. Just look at them! Our Chaucer wholecut can be leather or rubber soled, so you can decide how much comfort you need. This may depend on how much dancing you intend to do!

Like the Chaucer wholecut, the classic black Oxford gives the dark trousers of a morning suit the sleek look most grooms, ushers and guests are seeking. You cannot go wrong with this shoe. It will serve you well for multiple occasions and for work. Every man needs a pair of black Oxfords. Our bestseller is the Churchill II, but if you prefer a more rounded toe, the Charles II is a good option too. For a more continental shape, I would suggest the Nelson

As most Herring connoisseurs already know, we also stock shoes from a range of respected UK manufacturers: Barker, Cheaney, Church’s, Loake and Tricker’s – so we have a full range of black Oxfords for you to choose from.

For a formal wedding, black brogues, semi-brogues or even quarter-brogues are also a good option. The Calne is a new addition to our collection and it has a really elegant shape accentuated by the long-wing brogue detailing. The Napoleon brogues are sharp too and look more formal due to the lack of toe punch and their longer toe. You could also consider the Belgravia with its leather sole, insole and lining. Again, our other manufacturers have their own varieties. I like the square toe and detail of Loake’s Kruger brogues.

Lastly, if you prefer boots, the Herring Flynn is a black Oxford in a boot style. No need for black socks for these, but they will still give you the super-smart you are looking for with a chiselled toe to elongate the look of dark trousers.

Herring Flynn

The second part of this wedding shoe series will focus on the more casual wedding where lounge suits are the suggested dress code. Until then, if you are getting married this year and you have been patiently waiting for your big day, then we would like to wish you all the best.