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21 October 2021

Whatever your sport of choice, you will know there is nothing better than a trip to your favourite stadium. From the pre-game atmosphere and dodgy pies to the highs and lows of the match and the post-game pint, it’s a day we have been looking forward to all week and we want to look our best… after all you never know who will spot you in the crowd!

Come match day many of us will be sporting our teams shirts and wearing a fleece or jacket over the top. Club scarves are often obligatory too when it comes to football or rugby, but what do we wear on our feet? The aim is to keep our shoes casual but on the smarter side. If we go too smart you could be mistaken for a club official and no-one wants that now, do we? Go too casual and you’ll look like you haven’t made the effort and we can’t be having that either.

Let’s jump straight in with a solid choice, the Goodwood. They may be a trainer but the polished leathers and solid build elevate them to a dressier feel. The construction is ideal if you are on your feet all day. The sole is a light, flexible rubber and with plenty of padding inside they will be extremely comfortable. Colour wise I would avoid white. Lots of queuing and being in a crowd means they will get grubby and although they would clean up nicely afterwards, they would also look dirty quickly (while we are on the subject, read our shoe cleaning blog here).

Next up is the Dune. Officially called a ‘desert’ boot, they don’t come up as high on the ankle as the slightly smarter chukka style, but otherwise they are very similar. The Dune are lightweight, versatile, and trendy. They fit right in the middle of the ‘smart-casual’ genre. Don’t be put off by the suede leathers either. It’s no longer the case that suedes stain easier. They will clean up the same as leather shoes (find out how to bring them back to box fresh here) and you can even purchase our weatherproofing service when placing your order for extra protection.

Herring Goodwood

Although both of the above have a rubber sole, you may need something a bit more substantial for those frostier evenings as, of course, we follow our teams no matter the weather….

If you like the military look then the Churchstow is for you, double-stitched construction on a Goodyear welted Dainite sole that is deceptively light. They are super water-resistant too. If they don’t float your boat then I would recommend the Sharnbrook. Made with the legendary air cushioned Solovair rubber sole and perfect for all-day wear, you will forget you have anything on your feet while maintaining that much needed grip!

When the temperature really drops and you need to ensure you don’t get frostbite, then warm-lined boots are a great option. The Oslo chukkas are ideal. They look smart while keeping your feet snug…and the rest of you feeling rather smug. If you prefer boots that come up higher on your ankle then the Stockholm are a perennial favourite and if you like some chunk to your sole, check out the new Stravanger boots.

Herring Sharnbrook

Some sporting occasions have a style of their own. I am thinking the West Car Park at Twickenham where rugby fans from across the UK gather before the game to enjoy a little bonhomie before heading into the stadium. It’s part of parcel of the event and there is definitely a ‘look’ that depicts the assembled supporters. I would suggest a rugged brogue for this bunch, such as the Burford or Grassmere II. We have brogue boots too, of course, and I think the Langdale II is a standout choice here. For the female sporting fans, we also have the Stephy brogue boots in tan or black.

Herring Stephy

Winging back to fairer weather shoes, how about something a little retro? Sport often makes us reflect back to the ‘good ol’ days’, so why not celebrate this by bringing back a classic? A bit of a curveball here but when you think about it, they fit the bill perfectly. I’m talking about the Tokyo hi-top trainers. With strong 80s vibes, a ‘tennis’ style sole and a striking colourway, they really are the perfect shoes to go with just about anything you decide to wear.

If the hi-top is a bit too retro, then don’t worry. We have the same style but in a trainer version and these would work well too. You can find the Tokyo trainers here.

Herring Tokyo Hi-Top

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my selections. Ultimately, it does come down to personal choice but hopefully I have helped stoke the fires inside and got you thinking about what you’re going to wear at your next match day.

Please feel free to give me your selections below, I would love to hear your ideas and whatever sporting events you like to attend, stay safe and have fun!

PS: Bonus points for anyone who can guess the stadium in the top photo…

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