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Ordering from Denmark: Simon Stridh Torset

18 July 2022

A few years ago, I moved abroad with my family. Almost everything around us changed. The change of scenery motivated us to change our habits. We wanted to become more conscious consumers. A few of the things this meant for us is buying second hand (if possible), care for the things we have and do research on products we want to buy. 

Saphir shoe care

It was during research on how to care for leather shoes that I came across Herring Shoes. They also had a lot of helpful information on their web page. Information such as; last guide, shoe care guides and style guides. All of which help me understand why most of my past shoes did not last longer than 12-18 months. 

After reading most of it I better understood why and how to take care of shoes and what I wanted in a shoe. Especially if I wanted the shoes to last for a long time. The stuff I found on their web page I had never before heard in any store, but on their page this kind of information was and is a given.  

I was really happy because I found their guides really helpful. Whats more, quality leather shoes are very hard to find second hand and since I needed new shoes and the selection is great I had all the justification I needed to buy my first pair of Herring Shoes. 

Herring shoe care

Since then, I have ordered my shoes from them. They have to be delivered but I know the product is sustainable, of high quality and that it will last for many, many years. When England left the EU, I wondered how that would affect taxes and delivery. Well, it didn’t really. I always opt to pay the taxes when I buy shoes, the amount due is shown when in the checkout and all of your items have been added (the calculation is based on the total value of your items), also it is important to remember the prices showing on their site are already ex vat (with the 20% British vat already removed). By prepaying with Herring, the shoes get delivered to my door instead of receiving a notification that I have to pay taxes and then go somewhere to pick them up. 

It has happened that I have ordered something that I have to send back. Don’t worry. Returning their products is as easy as buying them if not easier. Just remember to select the “include return label” option when placing your order.

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