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Travel in style with luggage fit for 2022

13 April 2022
Bovey, Archway, Savoy

With the long Easter weekend upon us and more countries beginning to open their borders to holidaymakers as we learn to live with the pandemic, people finally seem to be booking holidays with confidence. That means it’s time to pull the luggage out of our wardrobes, lofts and garages for the trip ahead. 

Sadly, luggage tucked away for months or, in more recent times, years, does not always fare so well. Mildew and rust often take hold and that smart piece of luggage you were hoping to wheel or carry into your next break feels a little bit of a let-down.

Whether you are nipping to Europe for a weekend, seeking a UK destination for a few days or heading slightly further afield, surely this is the year – after the two years we have been through – to upgrade your luggage.

Here are a few suggestions that will make you feel a little more first-class than economy.

Luggage for the short trip or long-haul for compact packers!
Some of us can pack light while others need a little more luggage room. My suggestions here are for trips of up to a week or for the stealth packers!

First up is the Swift wheeled case. It is a leather beauty. Swanky (in a good way), classy and sleek…I love this case. After two years of not going anywhere, this would be a marker in the sand for the return to travel. It just shouts sashaying through the airport, so let’s sashay!

Now for the holdalls. The Bovey is our all-time best selling piece of luggage…because, quite frankly, it is gorgeous. Made from rich, calf leather, it has two handles, a strap and a luggage tag. It looks the business…or not, depending on your destination and plans while you are there.

Herring Bovey

The Newport measures a tad smaller but is super-roomy with generous internal space. Again, it benefits from handles and a shoulder strap for easy carry-on capabilities. This is made from a blend of suede and calf, so it looks very smart indeed.

The Montgomery is as gung-ho as it sounds with khaki canvas combined with dark brown, waxy leather to set you up for your trip. You do not have to be an intrepid campaigner to feel the love for this bag, but you can revel in its rugged, military look. It’s exceptionally lightweight too.

For a more laidback look, we have some of our Italian Lettino kit bags still available in our sale. These are made from canvas and upcycled sail cloth, so they are very water resistant and lightweight. Perfect for a weekend on the boat.

Lastly, the Islington is the polar opposite to the Montgomery and the Lettino. This is a very chic holdall made in chocolate grain print calf leather with contrasting tan handles and other details. There is a shoulder strap, but this will look good hanging by your side as your swan into the departure lounge.

The weekender or mini break
While the above will work well for a weekend too, you sometimes just want to pack light or jump on board without the fuss of checking in your luggage.

Our standout suggestion would be the Gulliver. It’s a wheeled travel case that was designed to meet airline cabin requirements. Made from conker calf, it’s a beautiful piece of luggage with zipped compartments to store items you need ready access to. You can team it with the Gulliver backpack if you really want to make a statement or use the latter as a carry-on alternative if your stay away does not require the space of a suitcase.

Similarly, our soft briefcases may also serve you well. There’s enough room for a change of clothes and a laptop or two changes of clothes if the tech is not required! The Harwich (which matches the Swift), Harborough or the Russell would serve you equally well on the commute as a quick trip to the Cote d’Azur.

Happy holidays
If you are travelling this Easter or have made plans for later in the year, then give your luggage a quick check before you leave. If you are in need of a suitcase refresh, then maybe consider my suggestions above. If you are all good, then have a great time from all of us at Herring.

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