Boys’ school shoes for 2023/2024

29 August 2023

Buying school shoes is a trial. If you enjoy it, then I take my hat off to you. I cannot understand what there is to love about busy shops, long queues, and a lack of choice. With this in mind, I would urge you to purchase your boys’ school shoes nice and early, so you can enjoy what is left of the summer break.

This is where Herring can help. We have a few styles that may suit your girls, but we have an abundance of formal shoes that will set your sons up for the year. And if they take care of them, they will last too, as many of our styles can be re-soled depending on how many miles they cover through school corridors. 

Herring stock shoes for men’s sizes 5 to 12, so your boys or older teens should be covered. We have both leather and rubber-soled shoes, but I have opted for rubber or hybrid soles below to help protect feet on rainy days. 

If you think your son’s feet have stopped growing, this could be the ideal time to invest in some quality black formal shoes that can take them into university formals and balls, interviews or the workplace…after a bit of spit and polish, of course!

Here are my top picks for the 2023/04 academic year:

Edgeware II
The Edgeware II is a classic Oxford laced toe-cap shoe but is a new addition to Herring. An Oxford like this is crucial for any men’s wardrobe. They work so well for multiple formal occasions, starting with school. This shoe is made on an elongated last to give it a more contemporary look. It is also made on a cemented sole for more flexibility. The sole is half leather and half rubber to get the best of both worlds!

Edgeware II

Where lace-ups are not required, this is a smart slip-on alternative. The Edmonton II is a super shaped loafer with an apron seam on a blake-stitched sole making it lightweight and flexible. It’s repairable too.

Edmonton II loafer


Something a little different if your son likes a bit of individual style. The laces have been done away with and replaced with a buckle. Introducing your son to a monk shoe sounds like outstanding parenting to me! Monk shoes ooze sophistication and if they opt for this style early in life, they are likely to adopt this style as stride into adulthood. The Enfield is blake-stitched to a half-leather half rubber sole. This has been made on a generous last shape, so we would recommend dropping down half a size from what you normally wear.

If a brogue is more your son’s thing, then consider the Gosport. This is a traditional longing brogue that oozes style. It is made with a Goodyear-welted rubber sole and premium calf making it a great wardrobe classic. As a welted shoe, the Gosport is a repairable shoe so is a good investment.


Lastly, the Newcastle. This is another classic Oxford. Again, it is Goodyear-welted, made on a good fitting last. Made with premium calf leather uppers for comfort and flexibility, and a rubber-stud sole for durability and comfort, this would make a great school shoe.

Bit of advice

If you haven’t bought formal shoes for your son before, you may find they need a size smaller than any current trainer type style so, for example, if they wear Vans or Converse in a size 9 they will probably be an 8 in our formal shoes. You can speak to our customer service team for more guidance.

Lastly, if you are reading this, but you’re not usually the one who buys the school shoes, we would really appreciate it if you would forward this on. There are also plenty of formal shoes available in our summer sale. Use our size picker to filter on the styles available in your son’s size to view your options.

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